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Saturday, August 1, 2015

WW2: One Hour Wargames Second World War Rules, Scneario #4. The Eastern Front

This weekend is tax free weekend in Arkansas so I am alone at the house while the wife and grandkids go shopping leaving me enough time for a OHW WW2 Battle. This time I went with an Eastern Front theme and picked Scenario #4 from the "One Hour Wargames" book. I rolled up both armies on the matrix and setup my battlefield to match the scenario.

In scenario 4 two lone units sit on a hill holding the hill while awaiting reinforcement. The side in control of the hill after 15 turns is the victor.  I also made a video report while playing which is a bit cumbersome so my next game will have just a few pictures with the majority of the time spent in pleasure vice reporting.

At one point I lost track of the turns, I will use a d20 to remedy this in the future, but the game lasted until turn 13 with the Germans (Blue) capturing the hill. The Soviets made the Germans pay a high price for the hill.

Soviet Forces 
                     3 Infantry                      
2 Mortar (Artillery)
1 Tank (Armor)

German Forces
3 Infantry
1 Anti-Tank Gun
2 Tanks

The battlefield with a hill being held by 2 Soviet infantry units. A road and woods in the East.

Turn 1. Germans appear.

Turn 1. Germans advance

Turn 2: Russian elements shoot at the advancing German Armor.

Turn 2: Bottom of turn 2 the Germans return fire. (That's my 1HW notecard at the bottom.)

Turn 3. General advance continues however some units dig in and fight.

Turn 3. Casualties are starting to spread. The Germans take out the advancing Soviet Armor.

Soviet Artillery puts the hurt on some German units.

The Germans destroy the Soviets on the hill.

The turn of death. Most units ever killed in a single turn during any of my 1HW thus far.

Close up picture of all the units destroyed this turn.

Another German infantry unit falls to the Soviet barrage.

German armor advances to destroy the Soviet Artillery.

Soviet aerial photograph of the battlefield.

German Armor races back to control the hill before turn 15.

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