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Friday, August 28, 2015

WW2: One Hour Wargames - Delaying Action at Wassuphomi Pass, North Africa

I wanted to test out my new damage marker system and my recently rebased 15mm WW2 models and come up with a delaying action battle scenario. The American force is trying to hold up the advancing German Army. The Americans have 2 infantry and 1 artillery unit. The Germans go first and start the game with 2 advancing infantry units. One the next turn they gain 2 more units and 2 more the next. The goal of the German force is to make it off the board edge. The game lasted 9 turns with the Germans finally destroying the American forces attempting to hold the pass. Germans earn 1 VP for each destroyed American unit and for each unit off the southern board edge. The Americans earn one VP for each German unit destroyed.

German VP 5, American VP 1.

The German Army is coming down the pass road with one unit watching their right flank.

American Infantry nervously await their first battle.

The American Artillery Battery is confident in their guns.

German left.

German right.

American center.

Artillery King of Battle.

The King of Battle takes 6 points of damage right off the bat.

Turn 2 German Armor and another infantry unit arrive.

German Armor advances on the American Artillery.

After a brutal firefight the Germans destroy an American Infantry unit.

I forgot to add double casualties for this attack.

The lone American Victory Point.

After taking a beating the last American unit is routed.

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