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Friday, July 31, 2015

WW2: One Hour Wargames Second World War Rules, Scneario #3. Free French Brigade vs German Brigade in North Africa.

I was determined to sit down today and fight out a battle and a OHW battle at that. "One Hour Wargames" by Neil Thomas, has become my go to set of rules for miniature warfare, even over my own written rules. Anyway I selected Scenario #3 from the book and used the army matrix to select the forces for both sides. The only modifications I made was to convert movement over to base depth using the same rates as given in my book "Brigadier General." and change ranges to 12" for all but the lone French Artillery.

Free French Forces:
4 Infantry

  • 1st Bn, 11th Dragoons
  • C Sq, 12th Cuirassiers

1 Mortar (Artillery)

  • A Bty, 13th A/Tk Reg.

1 Anti-Tank Gun

  • B Bty, 13th A/Tk Reg.

German Forces:
3 Infantry
  • 1st Bn, 3rd Motorized Infantry
1 Anti-Tank Gun
  • 2nd Bty, 39th Anti-Tank Reg.
2 Tanks
  • 1st Bn, 5th Panzers

Scenario 3 calls for the control of 2 strategic bridges across a river. Your Commander has called on you to capture and hold these bridges so they may be used as future bases of operation. Turn limits were limited to 15 turns.  Red forces always start each turn first. 

Deployment was non existent as both forces show up on turn 1. So I used a randomized deployment sequence for the French Forces (RED) 1-2 Left, 3-4 Center and 5-6 Right. Every single unit went center. I then inserted my forces as I desired.

Turn 1. Free French forces split into two wings with each one heading straight for a bridge. Each unit moved their max movement but ended their turn out of shooting range.

My German forces advance and begin shooting putting some hurt on the advancing French.

Bridges Held: None.

Turn 2. Free French forces return fire at give as good as they got while capturing the bridge on the left flank.  Seeing German Armor advancing the French Infantry on the right hold back to assault the armor before attempting to hold the bridge.  German forces advance up to engage the enemy and achieve one of their objectives by capturing the right bridge.

End of French Turn.
Bridges Held: Left Bridge-French Army

End of German Turn.
Bridges Held: Left Bridge-French Army  Right Bridge-German Army.

The Battlefield at the end of Turn 2.

From here on it is difficult to relay the action as I became really engrossed in the battle and forgot to take a few pictures. The battle ended on Turn 6 with the complete destruction of Free French forces in the area.

Allied Aerial photograph showing German forces controlling both bridges.


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

I only bought Neil Thomas's book for the scenarios ... but I recently read the rules as well and like so many others I am smitten by them! They may be regarded as being too simple by some wargamers, but as far as I can see they actually produce excellent small battle games that can be fought out quickly in not a lot of space.

I am seriously thinking about trying them out myself, especially as I have found Martin Rapier's version of the WW2 rules for use with Hexon hexes in the files section of the relevant Yahoo Group.

All the best,


Brigadier General said...

I have really come to enjoy them. I have made a few mods generic fantasy, Warhammer fantasy, add ons for WW2. Thanks Bob.

Hils said...

Wife and husband team here. We have switched almost all our attention to One Hour Wargames nowadays, as our preferred `go to` system. With over 2 dozen OHW games under our belt at this stage, our enthusiastic approach seems to be infectious, and even the lads at the club are starting to see and enjoy the fun.. yet subtle simplicity of Neil Thomas's rules: even over their beloved Black Power and Bolt Action.

A. Jeff Butler said...

I love them. They are very elegant and mod friendly. However I am growing dissatisfied with tracking hits. I've developing a bead system using a nail attached to the base but this gets fiddly when adding and removing beads and I've never liked the look of dice on the table.

Hils said...

{{However I am growing dissatisfied with tracking hits.}}

I use the "Pin Markers" for "Bolt Action" which you can get (12 per pack) from Warlord Games for a couple of pounds a pack. You only need one pack but we bought two in any case. They show numbers 1 through 12 and you just slip the dial over to show any number along that range. The blast markers looks great when painted up and even better placed on vehicles to show explosion hits. I know OHW uses 15 wounds as the default number, but we have already altered this because a) we tend to play a lot of bigger games with more than six units per side, and we find twelve hits per unit (default) works well for us (ideal too for the pin markers): and b) we tend to mix up the hit totals a bit for units anyway. e.g. a base with an officer, radioman plus a few ancillary staff 10 hits: raw unit of troops - only 10 hits, and so on.