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Thursday, July 16, 2015

More Memoir '44 Packs and Slim Down My Hobby News

At long last I finally have added some new packs to my Memoir '44 set. As Bob Cordery once said M44 checks a lot of boxes for me.  I'll have some game pictures to show in the coming weeks too.

Now, on a news/update type note. I am forced to concede that I simply cannot have everything, paint it and game with it. Let alone store it. So I've decided it's time to trim back my hobby activities. In the past I've dropped paintball, 15mm moderns, most PC gaming and a few other odds and ends. My current CULLED periods which means my collection in these fields will be going up on eBay are the SYW & Napoleonics.  The latter being a hard pill to swallow. You can see the Trade List page for a link.

The other periods that may soon be under the knife are AWI and historical ACW, though I am keeping 1/72 models for use in a AWI mod of Battle Cry (ACW version of M44) also I am keeping a Steampunk Civil War variant. Other possible future culls include 1/72 & 15mm World War 2 though these require much more thought first.

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