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Friday, May 22, 2015

One Hour Warhammer: Basics

*Note that these rules below require the use of the One Hour Wargames Rulebook by Neil Thomas.

I am using 5" bases with varying depths to accommodate my models. I have changed the movement rate in 1HW for 1HH to an increment of base depth.  For example most foot models I have based on 2" depth, cavalry and some monsters on 3" or as needed.

I have added characters that may add bonuses to regiments, issue orders, rally troops and capture victory points.  Characters will be based on skirmish bases. One problem I am running into is that my metal models and some plastics have that damnable slotta style base requirement. I can clip that off for some but for others it has to be there forcing me to use the slotta bases on top of the wood bases.

Range is 12" for most shooters, while others have the range of the entire table (playing on a 3'x2' and 3'x3' table for most battles but I can setup a 4'x4' table when needed. Though I doubt the need will ever arise for the latter as a key feature of 1HW are the smaller regiment requirements. I am planning my 1-Hour Hammer armies around 6 unit regiments. I may add a few additional regiments here and there and may or may not field them depending upon the scenario I want to run. This would be a good point to mention that scenarios are at the heart of 1HW and will be for 1HH.

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