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"Truly it can be said of him, without count are his soldiers & beyond measure his might." - Prince Edward in reference to Lord Butler & his invasion force departing London for Mars.

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Iron Kingdoms

I've really admired the Warmachine models since their introduction back in 2003. I have had a sizeable Protectorate of Menoth force for some time. However I have not enjoyed their wargame rules. Probably due to my aspergers and abstract thought patterns. Which is why I've always enjoyed grand tactical games like the DBx system, Avalon Hill games and others. Anyway I digress. I'm going to collect a series of small forces for each faction. I recently picked up a good Khador starting force with a warcaster, 2 heavy jacks, and some man-at-wars, though these are all unpainted. I will fight out battles set in the Iron Kingdoms using a system of my own creation with the intention of having smaller forces. Note this is not a replacement of my other two fantasy campaigns.

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