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Saturday, February 28, 2015

South American Wars: The 1995 Alto Cenepa War

I am thinking of either recreating the 1995 Cenepa War between Ecuador and Peru or a fictitious 2015 war between the two or a mix of other South American states or perhaps both. I know for certain I will use 1/600 scale aircraft. However I am undecided on infantry and vehicle models. My first thoughts are 6mm but I am very tempted to just do the whole thing in 1/600. PicoArmor has the O8 stuff and its great.

Although the idea of a mixed wargame army of 1/600 fighter jets and helicopters along with 6mm ground forces sounds intriguing. If you've not seen the 1/600 aircraft go take a look at picoarmor.com.

I can fit out the infantry with my current 6mm models and several of the fighting vehicles. I can almost say the same for my 1/600 collection. I will put together some sample pictures of an all 1/600 Ejercito Ecuador force and an mixed scale force of 6mm ground with 1/600 air support to post here later.

Also on the general conflagration between Latin American states I don't think including the big three of Brasil, Argentina and Chile would work unless you divide them up against one another. Perhaps more in the North. Anyway Cenepa War for certain and perhaps just a general war between Peru and Ecuador to keep it simple.

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