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Friday, February 13, 2015

A Very Arkansas Civil War or the 2nd American Civil War 1930s

I've decided to open this campaign idea back up. I am thinking I will use 1/72 scale toy soldiers and Memoir '44 along with a homebrewed skirmish game to fight out the battles of the campaign.  For now I think I will keep the campaign confined within my home state of Arkansas.  I will write up a better background but for now it will be FDR was ousted in a coup and the union fell apart. When the union fell the state government declared a republic and nationalized both the State and National Guards. Workers in Pine Bluff organized the Arkansas Workers Party with the intent of turning the state into a communist nation. The of course Charles Lindbergh sent a faction of his cronies down to the natural state to ensure that the state becomes a part of a larger future fascist America. Here are the flags of my factions:

The Arkansas Republic

The Peoples Republic of Arkansas

The Silver Legion of Arkansas

Silver Legion recruiting poster.

Republic recruiting poster encouraging men to join the Arkansas Infantry Force.

Flag of a Communist Regiment from Pine Bluff.

The State of Arkansas when the Union fell.

Flag of Russian backed Communist Organizers in America.

Major General William Arthur Murray, Military Commandant of the Republic.

Republic soldiers patrolling near the West Memphis bridge.

Republic soldiers under inspection in Texarkana.

Republic Cavalry at Camp Chaffee in Fort Smith.

A Republic Infantryman at Camp Robinson in Little Rock.

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