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Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Battle of Bolekhiv, Ukraine SSR - Germans vs. Soviets.

Fought a half hour Brigadier General WWII battle today using elements of my 7th Panzergrenadiers and Soviet October Guards. The scene is Western Ukraine near the city of Bolekhiv. The Soviets had 7 elements; 1 Infantry Battalion augmented with an Armored Car Company and a Katyusha Battery with 2 Conscript Companies in reserve arriving at the top of Turn 3. The Germans had 2 Infantry Battalions and an Armored Car Company. This scenario called for the Russians to be deployed in the town and for the Germans to come and take it.

The battlefield with the town of Bolekhiv in the upper right corner.

Soviet defenders of Bolekhiv.

German Infantry Regiment.

Opening moves.

Soviets win initiative.

Next moves.

First shots.

Soviet conscripts arrive.

Soviet initiative win.

End of third movement.

Soviet infantry company fires down on the Germans from the cliff top.

Supported infantry companies battle it out with both Germans taking an FP and falling back.

Initiative ties favors the player.

Armored Car Company opens up on the conscripts but does little.

Big turn of events on the right flank as a company of German Foreign Volunteers supported by a Wehrmacht Infantry company push the Soviets back deeper into the woods leaving their HQ vulnerable to attack.

A company of German Foreign Volunteers redirects and hits the Soviets in the center on their right flank.

Both German infantry companies fail their cohesion checks to remove FP.

Loss of the Soviet HQ Company and the Germans win the day and Bolekhiv.

Final disposition.

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