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Saturday, November 22, 2014

25mm Orcish Steppes Campaign Base Size Study For Mass Forces

My other campaign which has already progressed along skirmish warband lines is the Orcish Steppes. It is the struggle of power between several orc clans for control of the arid steppes they reside on.  These models are all GW orcs which I've used in the skirmish campaign but may set aside for as the campaign expands into larger battles. In addition to a large collection of GW models I have some nice new 1/72 orcs from Dark Alliance which I believe is Strelets from the Ukraine.  Also GW LOTR orcs and gobbos. Then I have several orc models from Reaper Miniatures and Old Glory. However since my Twin Kingdoms campaign is going to be conducted in 1/72; I think I will keep this campaign in 25mm (28mm Heroic) and make use of all the cool models that I have and are being produced in that scale.

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