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Sunday, October 5, 2014

WW2: Memoir '44 the Liberation of Paris

Memoir '44: The Liberation of Paris - August 24, 1944

"Conscious of the highly symbolic & political importance of Paris, Allied forces initially planned to surround the city & wait for its capitulation rather than risk taking it, with the inherent costs of street by street fighting & obvious risks to the population.

Legend has it that Paris' garrison commander, General von Choltitz, was so moved by the city's beauty, as seen from his hotel room on the Faubourg Saint-Honore, that he chose not to carry out Hitler's order to destroy the city. He also arranged a citywide truce with the Resistance.

It was perhaps this last action which set the Allied commanders thinking that they could take he city instead of bypassing it.  Also, Generals Leclerc & deGaulle insisted the city be liberated to restore French national pride. The mission was, therefore, assigned to the V Corps with Leclerc to lead the attack. But the approach into Paris was by no means as easy as expected. Choltitz had used the city truce to prepare the defenses outside the city. He was from being ready to hand over the capital to the Allies without a fight.

Leclerc's Frenchmen attacked towards Paris at dawn on the 24th of August, in two columns.  The left column, under Colonel de Langlade, immediately ran into German defenses & was held up for hours in a firefight that saw the destruction of a number of German tanks. The right hand column, under Colonel Billotte, faced even more serious opposition & was quickly bogged down outside the capital by a series of strong points in several small villages.

That same night, defenses quickly evaporated when Choltitz ordered his troops to withdraw behind the Seine. The next day, August 25th, Choltitz surrendered to Leclerc at the Gare Montparnasse."

This was one of those rare times when the Solo-AI defeated me. I played the French forces leaving the Germans to the AI.  The Liberation of Paris was a hard fight for both sides but ultimately AI-Choltitz triumphed over Leclerc. Colonel Billottes column lost its entire armor force in their push towards Paris.

However Colonel de Langlades forces were right on the verge of capturing a victory medal by entering the outskirts of Paris when Billottes last armored unit went down ensuring a German victory. Medal count was German Forces 5, French V Corps 4.

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