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Thursday, October 30, 2014

WW2: 6mm World War II Project: Battle of the Little Volga River on the Ostfront.


German 7th Panzergrenadier Brigade Schleiffen vs. Soviet Union 1st Brigade The October Guard

In its opening advance on the Ostfront the 7th Panzergrenadiers were ordered to take the twin villages of Krilna-Kinsk that set astride the Little Volga in the Ukraine. The 7th was promised that the Luftwaffe had gained full air superiority in the area and that there would be no trouble from the Soviet Air Force. Indeed this held true.  Aerial reconnaissance showed no military activity in the area at all but intelligence pointed out that a Soviet brigade sized force was probably heading that way to plug the gap at the two bridges that crossed the Little Volga at Krilna-Kinsk. 

Luftwaffe aerial reconnaissance photograph of the battlefield.

The 7th Panzergrenadiers arrive.....

To find the October Guard Brigade on the other side of the river.
And to find Soviet Militia in Krilna....
And in Krinsk....

Done posting pictures.  Blogger keeps throwing the pictures back up at the top of the post vice where I keep the cursor. Makes the write up very difficult.  Both sides took heavy casualties. The 7th took 4 and was victorious as the October Guard lost 6 and both towns.  In fact the 6th element lost was that which controlled the village of Krinsk.  This game was very hard fought and at one point I thought the Soviets might win as they kept the bigger German tanks from coming across.  The 1st Infantry BN, 7th Panzergrenadiers paid a high price in men to capture the two towns.  In fact it was only due to the resourcefulness of the attached Foreign Volunteers Companies that made it possible for the 1st INF BN to accomplish its mission.

One last try at posting more pictures......  Go figure it worked this time.

Heavy fighting at the twin villages bridge.

German Armor falls back.

German Artillery continued its hail of death at the Soviet Engineers and destroyed them.

Last Soviet element goes down. German Foreign Volunteers capture Krinsk.

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