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Friday, October 17, 2014

First Game of Battles of Westeros

I purchased this game earlier this year due to my fondness of Memoir '44 and Game of Thrones. I thought it would be a good combo of the two. BoW is much more complex than M44. However I have found it lends itself well to modifying for solo play like M44 does.  Here are my first thoughts on the solo conversion. Also I like the B side of the playing map better than A.

Game Phases

*Captured Heroes: Can be freed if the capturing unit is later destroyed.

*A unit cannot move, attack or counterattack without an order.

*Place all command cards per faction into their own decks.

*Player Command Cards: Draw your hand from the deck based upon the scenario. Issue an order from your hand. Then draw a new card.

*AI Command Cards: Do not draw a hand. Draw one card at a time per command token.

* Rally Phase: Used to grant units a counterattack on the opposing sides turn. So if I move a unit of archers, attack with them and then rally them. On the AI turn that unit can counterattack if attacked by the enemy.

* Flag Order Tokens: Can be discarded to ignore a flag die result, to rally troops for a counterattack or used to increase morale by 1.

*A leader cannot issue an order to an equal or higher leaders unit.  Example I cannot spend a command token on Rickard Karstarks card to use a leadership card on Maege Mormonts attached unit.

*Archers cannot shoot into a close combat engagement unless both sides are enemies.

*Only one leader card used per turn per side.

*Turn Indicator Bar: Depending on the scenario converted to a Victory Points Bar. Kill a unit? Place the banner next to the bar corresponding to the number in the order it was captured. Place on the top side of the bar if Stark, place on the bottom side of the bar if Lannister. Some scenarios may require 4 or 6 Victory points. Same with objectives, capture and objective place it's token on the bar. Capture a hero? Place its model on the bar.

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