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"Truly it can be said of him, without count are his soldiers & beyond measure his might." - Prince Edward in reference to Lord Butler & his invasion force departing London for Mars.

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Barony of Bearglove

The Barony of Bearglove lies in the South of Hawkridge bordering both the Black Forest and Ravenfell.  The Lord of Bearglove is Marcus Broadsword cousin and close friend to Duke Jokril.  Lord Broadsword has fought many battles against the undead and other fell creatures that slither out of Ravenfell.  He has also waged a long on and off again campaign to claim that portion of the Black Forest that borders his realm.  The problem with that is that area is claimed by a Wild Elf clan and they would rather die than cede an inch of the forest.  Bearglove is blessed with a wealth of mineral deposits and if Marcus ever has his way will have access to unlimited timber.  Marcus is one of the few Barons of Westerness whom can afford to maintain an army. Although his forces are small they are professional and he requires his landholders and serfs to perform military duty once per moon cycle.  The wars of Bearglove have made its people a hearty folk, strong, wise and diligent, but mostly there is a "quasi-spartaness" to them.  The Sigil of Bearglove is a silver bear on a black banner.  Secretly Lord Marcus Broadsword desires a kingdom of his own, a Duchy of Bearglove and he hopes to add large portions of the Ravenfell and the Black Forest to make this a reality.

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