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"Truly it can be said of him, without count are his soldiers & beyond measure his might." - Prince Edward in reference to Lord Butler & his invasion force departing London for Mars.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

GoT: 15mm Starks. Winterfell Spearmen

I have the first couple of elements for my Stark Army of the North primed and glued to cardboard ready for painting.  Now just need to find the time to sit down at my craft desk and start painting.  As I mentioned before I am using my existing inventory of 15mm Medieval/Fantasy models to fit out my Game of Thrones project and as you see some models have broken or bent spears.  Which doesn't bother me in the slightest, they are paid for!

This army will feature lots of browns, black, gray, gun-metal silver and blues.

EDIT: November 2, 2014 - This project was cancelled in favor of the Battles of Westeros game.

ACW: 3rd United States Infantry Regiment, Army of New England

Friday, April 25, 2014

WWII: Recon Company, 1st ARBN, 188th RCT

And the last element of the 1st ARBN, the Recon Company with their Stuart Tanks.  Total USA elements: 4

WWII: Charlie Company, 1st ARBN, 188th Regimental Combat Team

Another element for the 1st Armored Battalion of the 188th RCT.  Total elements for my US Army now stands at 3.  Charlie Company is tasked with land mine clearance and also have tanks equipped with rocket launchers.


BLOG OWNER: Fellow wargamers.  Due to the current events in geopolitics I cannot, FOR THE TIME BEING, continue to portray my former Soviet Oblast as a close ally of Russia.  While I have no personal problem with the Russian reconquest of Crimea, I do have objections to their current operations in Eastern Ukraine.  In other words since there does exist, however remote a chance that NATO could come to blows with Russia in the near future. I must put the Pro-Russian parts of my 6mm Republic away, temporarily. I don't have a problem gaming cold war gone hot scenarios as it is not current.  I don't mind the fact that a new "Cold War" could or has come about, I grew up in one and the world seemed much more stable at that time, however insane that may sound, and once the Ukraine situation resolves perhaps we can resume.

INSTEAD: Attention will now turn to the Prussian Defense Forces operations in Southwest Africa and Baltic Europe until such time that "The 6mm Republic of Prussia" can again take up arms with their Russian comrades in Karakistan.

ACW: 3rd Vermont Volunteer Infantry

Last batch of the gunboat Union infantry.  Labeled as the 3rd Vermont Vol. and based up as skirmishers.  This brings to 7 the total elements for my Union "Army of New England."  I am looking forward to finishing this army and then beginning either the "Arkansas Legion" based on Cobb's Legion or the 15th Arkansas Infantry.

ACW: 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

Finished the 4th element for my Union Army the "Army of New England."  This element is the 54th all black regiment led by Colonel Shaw.  These soldiers were another eBay purchase that came as a nice surprise with a 15mm gunboat.  I don't need them for the gunboat as the boat is destined for the Huack-Turkoslavia Wars.  The remainder of the white soldiers from this purchase shall be used to construct skirmisher elements for the AoNE.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Second ACW: Arkansas Theater

Aleshire College, Little Rock, Republic of Arkansas

Welcome to Arkansas History 201.  You all know of the events in the East following the assassination of President-Elect Roosevelt on February 15th, 1933.  But do you know of the actions West of the Mississippi River?  Many of the Western States had as much troubles or more than the East.  Some had elements of each of the Eastern factions as well as regional and local forces all vying for control in the Post-America world.  Arkansas was one such state trying to survive in the chaos and forge a new national identity as a new sovereign nation.  Let's review some of the forces that emerged between 1933 and the establishment of the Republic.  

We'll begin with the larger forces.

The Constitutionalists: The former Vice President John Nance Garner along with 113 members of Congress setup a new American capital in Philadelphia.  They were able to keep a few states in the East loyal to them and raised a large army.  West of the Mississippi they operated mainly in Missouri under the command of General Truman.  Being so close at times they fought skirmishes that spilled over into Arkansas.  They didn't make much effort in meddling in the affairs of Arkansas.

The Nationalists:  The forces of President Herbert Hoover and the remnants of the Washington Congress.  Their forces were led by General Douglas MacArthur.  Kansas was a Nationalist stronghold and as mentioned above some of their fighting spread Southeast into Arkansas.

The Silver Legion:  Charles Lindbergh became "The Leader" of the Silver Legion, a fascist group that started in North Carolina.  The Legion received the backing of both Italy and Germany and Lindbergh grew to become one of the most powerful men in the Western Hemisphere.  The Silver Legion occupied most of Benton County in Northwest Arkansas.  With both the Nationalists and Constitutionalist at each others throats in the rest of America the Silver Legion of Arkansas became the second most powerful faction in the state.

The Arkansas Union:  These were the forces of then Governor and later President of Arkansas, Junius Futrell.  This was by far the most powerful force in Arkansas.  At first the Union kept itself neutral between the Constitutionalists and the Nationalists but after MacArthur orchestrated a punitive campaign against Connecticut the Union disavowed both groups and set about forming an independent nation.

Communist Party of Arkansas:  At first this group of farmers and workers was small and seemed about to vanish, when the arrival of Leon Trotsky in Saint Louis breathed fresh life into their movement.  It wasn't long afterwards before they received military shipments from the Soviets and became a power in Arkansas.

ACW: Next Element of the 22nd NY Militia, Army of New England.

Another base I put together of soldiers bought on eBay.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Ostara, Easter, Spring Day!

His Royal Highness Prince Karl Michael Alexander Lothringen, Prince of Huack, Duke of Moden sends his greetings and best wishes for a joyous festival in whatever tradition you observe.

6mm Painting: Another AR Company for My WW2 United States Army

Painted and based up Alpha Co, 1st ARBN, 188th RCT, II Corps, United States Army, Africa Theater.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

First Painting for 2014 (Finally!)

Finally found time to sit down and paint.  It felt good to be "under the brush."  However I didn't have long.  But I painted up 4 tanks, 1 Sherman and 3 early war Soviet tankettes as well as a 1/72 scale American soldier for Memoir '44.  Went ahead and based the Sherman and then flocked and labeled the base.
Bravo AR Co, 1st ARBN, 188th RCT.

Tankettes at 1' o'clock with the M44 soldier at 12.

Royal Emissary Arrives from Berlin

His Excellency the Count of Bragdenburg-Gotha
Fortenbras Palace, City of Huack.  His Excellency the Count of Bragdenburg-Gotha arrived by stage coach from Berlin. The Duke and his court, along with the Crown Prince assembled to greet him on the palace steps at Fortenbras.  "My Lord", exclaimed Duke Augustus with a smile which was followed by an equal measure of respect from the Count, "Your Grace" he said.  After exchanging greetings and nodding for the servants to see to the Counts luggage and men the nobles retired to the Dukes library.

"What news from Berlin, my Lord?" asked the Duke.  "Grave news I'm afraid." Said the count.  "Austria?" inquired the Crown Prince.  "Yes." came the reply.  The Count continued, "Austria has signed an alliance with France and Saxony against us.  The King wants you to end this annual war you have with Bittburg, at least for the time being, and help secure his Western flank from the French.  I travel to Bittburg tomorrow with the same orders.  Both sides will return their troops to their pre-war borders, recruit more, and muster your men to await further orders from Berlin."

The Duke did not like having regal interference from Berlin, and this was the second time he was ordered to end his operations against the rebels in Bittburg.  However the Duke knew what he had to do and thus said "Of course.  Tell the King he has our everlasting loyalty."  "It's your army he wants." smiled the Count.  "And your son." he said while turning to face the Crown Prince.  "Prince Heinrich wants him back as his adjutant for the duration of the war. If you can spare him?"  Before the Crown Prince could speak Duke Augustus broke in and said "I need him here.  He is one of our military commanders now and I have no one, at present to replace him with. Perhaps in time I could send him back to Berlin but at present it appears I will need him to command men in battle against the Kings enemies."  The Count nodded and after further discussions, wine and pipes Duke Augustus summoned General von Vorbeck, send word to our soldiers at once, to end their operations and return home immediately."
I contemplated switching this campaign from 15mm to 10mm and expanding to a greater force on the table.  However as I have yet to complete my 15mm armies I decided against this.  Instead of incurring more expense and time spent painting new armies all in a new scale I will keep 15mm and add more to it.  I want a grittier feel than what my ficitonal campaign against Bittburg is giving me.  So I think it's time to actually begin the SYW in earnest.  Now with that said let me be clear SYW with imaginary forces.  I will be swapping out some of my current forces for others and probably rebasing all of them.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Direction for the American Civil War

I have been collecting ACW in 15mm for several years now and have just not got around to painting yet. I also had some painted models that I had bought online.  Below is a few of those, the 22nd NY Militia.  I had been toying with the idea of selling all my 15mm off and going with 10mm for the massed troops look but I have since dropped this idea.  Why spend more money when I can do everything I want to do for this period in 15mm?  So I'm sticking with 15's and below is the first base I've done up for my home rules.  The lighting is kind of bad as it's the middle of the night.  This will be part of my fictional "Army of New England."

The 22nd New York Militia, American Civil War

Friday, April 11, 2014

Battle of the Weingarten Forest

While on the march during his campaign against the Hellions, Caesars army was ambushed by the murderous leader of the Hellions, Geteraix.  However the Jovians recovered quickly.  Caesar had promised his men a boon once they killed Geteraix and destroyed his army, no doubt this helped motivate them.  But alas, Geteraix would not die today.  In fact it was Caesar himself whom nearly died halfway through the battle while leading his cavalry.  He was narrowly saved by one of his officers.  Caesars second in command, General Quintus Ludicreas took command and managed to fight the battle to a draw.  You could say it was a Jovian Pyrrhic victory but the Auroks paid a heavy price.  Seeing their warbands destroyed some of Geteraixs cheiftans fled the field with his cavalry and he reluctantly followed.

Centurions rally the men to repel the attackers.

Once they had returned to their camp, the legions doctors and medical staff tirelessly went to work to save Caesar.  He lay in bed unconscious for 3 days, awaking on the 4th to find that the battle had been very costly to both sides.  Caesar ordered Quintus to break up the camp and return to their Fort at Baccus.  Caesar needed to recruit more men for his legions.

Aurok chariots race from their hiding spots to attack the Jovian line.

Geteraix's Army lined up for battle.

The VII Legion with 2 skirmishers held in reserve.

Caesars plan here was to deploy his skirmishers in
an ambush-counter attack for the chariot in the left forest.
While he would lead his cavalry to destroy the other.
Once both were destroyed both his skirmishers and his cavalry
would attack the main Aurok line which would be in heavy
 fighting with the main line of the 7th.

Jovian skirmishers pop out from hiding and hit the Aurok chariots.

The other chariot force brings early casualties to Caesars own bodyguard cavalry.

First loss an element of Jovian skirmishers.

Chariots slam home their attack pushing Caesars command
element back into his 2 cavalry elements.

The Auxiliary and skirmishers meet up to attack the Aurok
 chariot and warband.

Chariot element destroyed.

On the other side of the battlefield the other Jovian Auxiliary force slowly
 grinds away an Aurok warband.

Final disposition and notes.
Loss of skirmishers does not effect the win or loss tally however they still effect the army's cohesion number.  Much quicker battle, rules still need some tinkering.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Prussian Government Endorses Russian Annexation

Koenigsberg (AP):  The Prussian National Assembly today passed a bill in support of the Russian annexation of the Crimea.  News of the endorsement comes as no surprise in the West since Russia is the closest ally and main benefactor of the Heinleinist republic.  A Prussian minister of Russian descent from the town of Cranz remarked that this is great news not only for Russia but for all the Commonwealth.

In other news Gazprom announced a reduction in the price of gas sold to Prussia.  Gazprom provides energy supplies for the Prussian Army serving in Karakistan.  Gazprom owns several petrol stations operating in Prussia and announced a lowering of gasoline prices there as well.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Battle Report: Jovian Legio VII vs. Hellions Auroks Tribe

In Alpine Aurok the Aluvati tribe is allied with Jove.  The Aluvati's began to suffer from incursions by the Hellions tribe whom are enemies of both the Aluvati and of Jove.  The Aluvati chieftans presented themselves before Austonian Caesar complaining that it was not right for his army to be standing around while the Aluvati were losing their property and their children to slavery with the Hellions.  Caesar knew that he could not allow the Hellions to advance deeper into Alpine Aurok and did not want the Aluvati  to turn from him or lose their loyalty.  So he ordered the VII to mobilize and left camp in search of the Hellions.  After about 3 days Aluvati & Jovian scouts reported finding the enemy camp.

From Caesars Commentaries...
"I sent an emissary to the Hellion camp asking them to meet with me. I demanded that they stop their incursions into Alpine Aurok, to return all the slaves they had captured and to pay retribution to the Aluvati for their losses.  Further I insisted that they move their army back to their side of Aurok and not to risk a return. Failure to comply with these requests and I would be forced by the laws and traditions of Jove to make war upon them."

Their reply was as follows.  You are the invader here and our campaign against the Aluvati is in recompense for their incursions upon us.  You can attack whenever you like.  You would do well to remember that we've dealt with Jovian soldiers before and their skulls adorn the trees of our forests as warnings against further intrusion.

"I could see no good use in sending another reply so I ordered the VII to break camp and march upon the Hellions at once."

This was another test of my home based rules that I've titled: "Legatus Ancient Battles."  The battle played out a little long and some of the mechanics are still clunky but that's what a playtest is for. To find these problems and resolve them.  Game play was on a 2' square battlefield with a D20 for the Cohesion Die and 2d6 each of a different color, 1 for each side, to conduct the fighting.

The Auroks from the Hellion Tribe.

Legio VII.

Closer view of the Auroks line.

I deployed my side and then used my solo-AI mechanics to deploy the Auroks.

The battlefield consisted of 3 terrain elements of difficult ground spread
 in a line so as to give each board quarter one element of terrain.
The Auroks force consisted of:
  • Army General
  • Warband x6
  • Skirmishers x4
  • Medium Cavalry x2
  • Light Chariots x2
The Jovian Legion consisted of:
  • Army General
  • Heavy Foot x7
  • Skirmishers x3
  • Light Foot x2
  • Medium Cavalry x2
The Auroks won initiative and moved their forces forward except for one unit of Light Chariots, I suppose its commander wasn't fully committed to the battle yet.  It was clear from the deployment of the Auroks that they intended to flank the VII with their chariots while their warband dealt with the Jovian main line.  The VII noticed the trick and ordered their cavalry to intercept however there must have been some confusion in the orders because the cavalry commanders did nothing.
The Auroks and Jovians advance.

The VII halts their advance while the Auroks
 continue their drive.
The VII advanced a little and then Caesar halted his legion rather than risk fighting in the difficult ground.  The Auroks could begin to be seen coming over and around the hill.  A unit of Jovian & Aurok Skirmishers engaged one another with the Auroks dispersing the Jovians.  Loss Tracker: Jovians 1, Auroks 0. Number to lose battle: 5.

The Auroks cover the hill.
The Aurok chieftan can be seen with his cavalry
 bodyguard behind the hill.
The Auroks continued their advance but became disorganized in the difficult ground.  However they soldiered on and pressed their attack.  Combat was taking place between the skirmishing force of both sides with losses mounting.

View from the back of the Jovian line.
The Jovian light foot charge out in an attempt to disperse the Aurok skirmishers on their side of the battlefield.  While a unit of heavy foot takes some light casualties.  However they quickly shrugged this off with the Caesar in their midst to motivate them.

The Jovian cavalry began to move but it was a little late.  Caesar was forced to send 2 units of heavy foot to deal with the approaching chariots.

The Jovian Auxiliary troops (light foot) are able to kill most of the skirmishers and disperse the rest from their area. 

The Auroks continue their advance and the battle begins to heat up as both chariots arrive on the Jovian left flank.

The Jovian Legionnaires push back the Aurok chariots.
 While the cavalry moves to flank them.

Finally the Jovian Cavalry gets in on the action!
 This proved too much for the charioteers.

The main battle line began to form, the Jovian
 skirmishers were quickly dispersed.

The Jovian Light Foot kept up the pressure on the
 Aurok warband in upper part of picture.
  While the Jovian Heavy Foot though pushed
 back where able to come back and
take out the enemy warband to their front.

Final moments of the battle.

The Jovian Auxiliary proved themselves as capable
 fighters as their legionnaire brothers!
  For this action Caesar would later grant them
 full Jovian citizenship and made them all legionnaires.

The battlefield becomes a chaotic bloody mess.

The Jovian cavalry commander Lucentus Pivotus
 holds his force back.
Caesar had reckoned him to be a good soldier,
 based on the mans past service but todays action
cast a pale shadow over his career.
After the battle Lucentus was quietly retired
 by Caesar and sent back to Jove accompanying
 the carts of slaves taken from the battle.

Auork chariots allowed themselves to be caught
 between the Jovian Heavy Foot and difficult ground!

At last the battle has ended, Jovia Victor!
Caesar praised his men for their gallantry and
allowed them to sack a nearby Jovian village
 for plunder and slaves.