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Saturday, March 22, 2014

WW2 - Start of 6mm United States Army

I have begun assembling my first United States force for my Brigadier General Solo-Wargame.  The 188th Regimental Combat Team under the command of Lt. Col Arthur Charles Butler.  So far I've spent $19 total on them.  That price includes 2 GHQ USA WW2 Sample Packs and 1 Sherman Tank with mine roller and rocket launcher off of eBay.  The 2 GHQ Sample Packs will give me 1 artillery element, 1 armor element, 3 infantry elements and a start to my HQ.  So that's 4 complete elements and a start on 2 more.  Not bad for less than $20 invested thus far.  I have the models glued down to cardboard so I can spray primer them this weekend.  I will post pictures of them once primered.

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