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Friday, February 14, 2014

Map of the Republic of Mafeking

The Mafeking Republic located in Southern Africa between Botswana and South Africa.  Each political faction areas are indicated, HNP for the Heinlein Nationalists, MNF for the Mafeking Nationalist Front and the southern area controlled by the Mafeking government in Duharrare.  President Mukofos government in Duharrare is propped up by South Africa, a former enemy but now close friend.  The MNF is supported by Venezuela, Cuba and China.  While the HNP of course is funded by Prussia and recognized as legitimate by Prussia and the Netherlands.  Recognition from Russia is dependent upon an HNP victory in the civil war.

CIA Factbook Map of Mafeking.
Colonel DeBeers Afrika Brigade has setup "Camp Elch" at the small airport on the outskirts of Winhduack where the HNP HQ is located.


Chris said...

What rules do you plan for this campaign? AK47?

wargamer1972 said...

No I've been using Bush War FUBAR for skirmish since the campaign started in 2010.

Chris said...

Is that on their Yahoo! site?