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Thursday, October 3, 2013

My First 25mm HOTT Army: Human Feudal Lords

I finished my first ever 25mm army for HOTT.  I've done plenty in 15mm but never before in 25.  I assembled this army to sell on eBay but I am tempted to keep it.  These are mostly old 25mm Minifigs.  The mage is a 1/72 plastic Caesar Mini, and her familiar is from Reaper.  The sneaker is an old model from Grenadier.  I know some will say too shiny, but you ever hear of knights in shining armor? *grin*

"The army is mustered my lord."

"Behold the Dragon Priestess and her pet."
"Aye and watch that lurking assassin"

Ran out of crossbowmen so I used a batch of arrows to
complete the base.  Works for me.

"Men of the Army!  You have come to serve & protect our lord, our country,
your homes, your families and your very lives.
The threat before us is terrible.
But keep faith with me and pray that our Lord Teraxiaeyr
 the Great Blue Dragon will see our faithful service and
awaken from his slumber to descend upon our enemies as
we smote their ruin upon the countryside!"
-Lord Donnuil Mac Athol before the Battle of the Augury Fields

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