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Thursday, September 5, 2013

WWII: End of the 1st U.S. Half-Brigade, Founding of the 188th RCT.

188th Regimental Combat Team
Major Arthur C. Butler
Commanding Officer
In keeping with the latest U.S. Army tactical doctrine the 1st Half-Brigade has been disbanded and it's assets transferred to the new regimental combat team system.  Last month Lt. Col. William Darby was recalled to finish training the newly formed Ranger Battalions he founded.  Major Arthur C. Butler the brigade's XO assumed command briefly while presiding over the disbandment of the brigade and the transfer of it's assets to his new command, the 188th Regimental Combat Team.  Major Butler is on the promotion list for Lt. Colonel next month.  The 188th RCT will be unique in that it will have infantry, artillery and armor assets.  The 188th is being assembled at Camp Chaffee in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

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