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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Models and Forces in Brigadier General

One of the appealing aspects of the upcoming Brigadier General Miniature Rules are the abstracted armies.  You don't have to spend a small fortune or spend weeks painting up a force for Brigadier.  As an example, you can pick up a sample pack of WW2 models for your favorite army from GHQ for only $7.95.  In these sample packs comes a truck, a tank, an artillery piece and 9 infantry.  In Brigadier terms that is 1 complete artillery battery with gun, truck and crew.  1 complete infantry company, and a start for an armored company.  So if you buy 2 packs you would already have 2 infantry companies, 2 artillery batteries, and an armored company. 5 elements for only $16.  Almost half of a 12 element force completed.

Conversely if 3mm is your thing look no further than PicoArmor's sample packs; for $8 you receive a lot of models for a small investment.  You receive enough models to build a very good start on 2 WW2 North African forces.  So far I've invested around $20 in my 3mm WW2 DAK Force you've seen pictured here in articles and below for reference.  That price also includes the first 10 elements of a British 8th Army Force.

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