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Thursday, September 12, 2013

First Elements of 25mm Feudal Human Army: Mage & Sneaker

Here are the first two completed elements for a 25mm Human Feudal Army I'm putting together for HOTT & Fantasy Brigadier.  The Sneaker, I believe, is an old Grenadier Lords thief.  The Mage is a 1/72 Magic User from the Caesar's Miniatures Adventures Box. The Dragon is from Reaper Miniatures.  The power crystal is a shirt bead from Hobby Lobby.  The odd rock on the Sneaker base I bought at an antique flea market, 3 for $1.USD Forgot what they called them but I thought they might make nice terrain.

Priestess Tessa of the Order of the Blue Flame of Danu.

Master Assassin and Poisoner, Vex the Vile.

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