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Friday, September 20, 2013

Colonel Kleist Captures the Town of Freihauble.

Colonel Franz von Kleist, Baron of Lentz
With his regiment in disarray following the battle of Lentz Major Haus rallied what troops he could and moved them south to join with the main army of the Freistadt.  This left Freihauble an open town.  The first Saxe-Huack elements to arrive were the Royal Grenadier Guards, whom found no resistance aside from hateful and fearful glares.  Colonel Kleist setup his HQ at the local tavern the Agile Rabbit.

Upon hearing the news of the Munchhausen Brigade's victory in Lentz and their continued advance in Northwest Bittburg, Duke Augustus discussed plans with his council to raise Colonel Kleist as Franz von Kleist, Baron of Lentz.  This is of course would be dependent upon the Royal Army's completion of a successful campaign and the secure addition of the Lentz territory to the Ducal Estate.

Further Colonel Kleist recorded in his letters to General Vorbeck that the conduct of the Grenadier Guards under Captain Werner Brach was excellent and courageous.  General Vorbeck passed this on to the Royal General Staff at Fortenbras Palace resulting in Captain Brach's name on the list for future regimental commanders.

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