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Friday, August 16, 2013

WWII: Two 60 point games of COMBAT: WWII

Played two quick games of COMBAT: WWII today with my son-in-law Barry.  Barry played Germans while I commanded the US Army.  Both games resulted in American victories but the second game was much closer.  60 points or less is a very fast and small game.  Both games played out in 20 to 30 minutes each.  A standard game is played at 100.

OOB Germans
10 Regular Infantry
1 HMG Squad (Regulars)
1 Mortar Squad (Regulars)
1 Pz I Tank (Regulars)
1 Pz VI Tiger I Tank (Veterans)

OOB United States
11 Regular Infantry
1 Ranger Squad
3 Jeeps with HMG (Regulars)
1 M4 Sherman (Veterans)

The battlefield.

Barry deploys his Germans.

American Deployment.

Jeep takes cover behind destroyed building.

American troops using farmhouse for cover.

The valiant crew of the Sherman advance on the field in search of targets.

Barry moving the Germans up.

Americans coming up using the buildings for cover.

The Sherman takes out the Pz 1 but the big Tiger is lurking around the hill.

The Tiger's crew is confident of a quick kill on the Sherman but they rolled a 1.

The Sherman spins and takes out the Tiger's main gun.

American troops enter the destroyed building for cover against the advancing Germans.

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