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Sunday, August 4, 2013

WW2 Naval Ops: Commodore Playtest "Encounter at Tehi"

Conducted the first "sea trials" of the naval adaptation of the Brigadier system.  We're going to call it "Commodore" as the working title.  USA vs Japan.  The scenario was the Imperial Navy is escorting 2 transport ships across the Tehi Strip to bases in the Pacific.  The US Navy Grand Flotilla 2 was tasked with sinking these ships along with as much of their escort as possible.  A Grand Flotilla is a mixed assortment of ships much like a task force but whereas a task force is temporary these ships are assigned permanent to the flotilla.  Grand Flotilla 2 is commanded by Commodore Admiral Arthur J. Butler.  

OOB Elements for the Imperial Japanese Navy at Tehi
1 HQ Aircraft Carrier Shoho-Noway
   - 100 Aircraft
3 Destroyers
2 Transports
1 E-Boat Squadron

OOB Elements for the US Navy Grand Flotilla 2
1 HQ Aircraft Carrier: USS Voyager
- 100 Aircraft
4 Destroyers (Arley Muck, Michelob, Coors, Sam Adams)
1 PT Boat Squadron
1 Submarine (USS Batfish)

The starting Cohesion number for both fleets was 10.

The two fleets meet at the Tehi Strip.  An area south of the Tehi Islands in the South Pacific.

Imperial Japanese Navy.

United States Navy: Grand Flotilla 2

Both fleets move to engage with aircraft fighting above.

Great blasts from the deck guns pound each other.

US Warplanes attack the Jap convoy while our PT boats advance on the Shoho-Noway.

Japanese Zeros attack the Voyager.

The USS Batfish bottom half of picture, has descended to depth level 2.  Making it harder to pick up.

Both sides scramble their aircraft only to have them intercept each other.  Damage continues to mount on the far north Jap destroyer.

One last volley was all it took for the Jap destroyer to go down to Davy Jones locker.

Another Jap destroyer lost.

The USS Arley Muck sinks the Jap transport ship Hel Ocat Maru.

It's about over but the Japs are more fanatical.

Jap kamikazee planes put a serious dent in the USS Voyager.

Jap E-Boats sink the USS Michelob.

The brave crews of our PT Boats sink the Shoho-Noway.

The USS Batfish fires it's torpedoes and sinks the last transport the Pok E Maru.
Fun game.  Mechanics still need work but the premise feels sound.  Will update more in the future as I standardize my naval miniatures collection.

File No.  


 U.S.S. Voyager, Flagship
Tehi Islands, South Pacific

     January. 28, 1942

From: Commander Grand Flotilla TWO.
To: (1) Commander-in-Chief, United States Pacific Fleet.

Subject: Tehi Island Action on Wednesday, January 28th, 1942

Reference: (a) CINCPAC Despatch 102102 of March 1942.
(b) CDBF conf. mailgram 130143 of March 1942.

At 0755 Wednesday, 28 January the ships of Grand Flotilla TWO engaged the enemy at the strip south of the Tehi Islands in the South Pacific.  All enemy ships save one destroyer were sunk.  We rescued many prisoners of war and have them confined aboard the USS Voyager.  We regret to report the loss of the USS Michelob, however her surviving crew was rescued.  So far as is known the conduct of "all hands" was excellent throughout the action.

Commodore Admiral, U.S. Navy
Commanding Officer

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