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Friday, July 26, 2013

3mm Vietnam: 1st U.S. Half Brigade and Hill 726

The Shadow Spears Half-Brigade arrived in Vung Tau, South Vietnam on 28 January 1966 and was commanded by Col. James A. Kazin. Operation Tar Stick (27– 31 March 1966) the capture of Hill 726, produced the first enemy casualties inflicted by the brigade in the vicinity of Lhu Shoa.

Shadow Spear Base Camp
"Amarillo" was the code name for the establishment of Shadow Spear Base Camp—the new home of the 1st U.S. Half-Brigade in Vietnam. Shadow Spear Base Camp was located approximately 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) south of the village of Kuan Duc on Route 23 and approximately 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) southeast of the village of Dong Loia. Saigon is approximately 55 kilometres (34 mi) to the east along Rt. 12. The operation began on 27 March and concluded on 31 March 1966.

The 1st United States Half-Brigade was tasked with the capture of Hill 726 in the Elephant Ear sector of South Vietnam near the Cambodian border.  All combat elements of the brigade moved out from Amarillo Base Camp on the morning of 27 March 1966.  As the brigade moved deeper into the rain forest sporadic fighting began to take place.  The 1st Recon Squadron which was scouting ahead of the brigade on the far left flank encountered fierce resistance from Viet Cong fighters.  Elements of the 2nd Air Cav Bn scouting ahead engaged communists tanks just south of Hill 726 and came under fire from artillery and infantry units on the hill.  Meanwhile the rear elements of the 2nd Air Cav engaged artillery units located 2 miles due east of the hill.  The 2nd Air Cav reported back spotting several NVA units moving south towards the Shadow Spears.

With news of the advancing enemy the brigades 2 armored companies sprang forward to seek them out and engage them in combat.  While our infantry & the HQ company continued to march forward in the trails left by the tanks.  Fighting continued on the left flank with the Recon Squadron fighting fiercely with the Viet Cong.

Armored elements of both sides sought each other out and the fight was on.  NVA armored companies were supported by their infantry while our boys had our Air Cav.  The rear echelon of 2nd Air Cav destroyed the lone artillery on the upper right of the battlefield and then moved to engage NVA units on the hill.  The fighting was hard and both sides suffered losses but the Shadow Spears dominated the enemy on the battlefield.  Eventually the Recon Squadron and A company of the 1st Infantry Bn along with the rear elements of the 2nd Air Cav destroyed all NVA units on the hill with our Recon Squadron moving ahead to claim Hill 726.  We captured several communists tanks and artillery guns in addition to carrying the field.

This battle was fought with a Vietnam Mod of the upcoming Brigadier WW2 rules.  Starting cohesion numbers were 12 for the Americans and 10 for the NVA.

Battlefield for Hill 726.

NVA units deployed.

Close up of Hill 726 and local NVA units.

The Shadow Spears deploy.

Forward elements of the 2nd Air Cav engage NVA tanks.

Shadow Spear Armor begins to rumble forward eager for battle.

Battlefield at the end of turn 1.

Air Cav putting 2 Fatigue Points on the commie tanks, they rallied one off.

Battlefield at the end of turn 2.

Air Cav keeps harassing the tanks with the Recon Squadron
 putting a FP marker on the VC.

Rear elements of the 2nd Air Cav putting a FP on NVA guns.

End of turn 3.

Recon has put 2 FP on the VC while Armor and Air Cav take out the tanks
and engage foot soldiers.

Commie tanks and troops hit one of our armored companies and
 our HQ both of which suffer 1 FP.

The fighting gets thick with Air Cav units attacking enemy troops on
 the field and the hill.

Commie armor takes out one of our armored companies and advances into
the infantry of Company B.

HQ rallys and leads Company A along with Air Cav support to destroy the attacking
 NVA infantry company. While the air attack on Hill 726 continues.

Fighting on the right flank is getting hot while other elements of the
brigade advance on Hill 726.

At the end of the battle the Shadow Spears control Hill 726 and captured
 several enemy tanks and guns.


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