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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Western Factions & Lands Part III

The Feydark:  Is a large forest on the eastern side of the Reichmark.  The forest is the realm of the Forest King Enarion.  Many elven villages are spread throughout the Feydark.  Their exact numbers are unknown to all but themselves.  One hundred years ago when faced with the marauding orc army of Gungabad, the Forest King summoned the Feydark Militia, the greatest elven army since the fall of Ulthantis.  Enarion led his army and was joined by the Reichmark Emperor Magnus the Pious and together they destroyed Gungabads army and killed the vile warlord.

The Seamarill: Is a coastal forest on the northern plain of Miln.  It is the realm of the Sky King, Aeraethlon.  As with the Feydark no one knows the exact demographics of the forest but suffice it to say we doubt it is as large as the Feydark.  Seamarill is an ally and trading partner of Miln.  The Seamarill are avid flyers, they often ride into battle on the backs of small drakes.  The Sky King has a personal friend, bodyguard and mount in the great sea drake, Aeyrixis.

The Red Hollows:  Is a forest between the plain of Casterly Rock, Gavony and the Gray Mountains.  Many elves make the Hollows their home but they are all fiercely independent.  It is unknown what social structure they maintain but when threatened, they do field a unified force and one to be reckoned with.

The Black Vault:  Is a vast web of interconnecting tunnels and caverns beneath the surface of Aeyr, in elvish it is more properly translated as the Underdark.  The Black Vault is vast and deep.  There are no known recorded maps of it's entirety and presently there is only one known entrance that opens up on the surface in the west.  This "entrance" lies in the Southeast corner of the Reichmark and is a gaping cavern beneath the southern Rhyne River falls, this cavern has become known as Skull Pass.  There are several known species of creatures that inhabit the Vault.  First and one of the most vile, are the Dark Elves known as the Drow (pronounced Dra-ou, as in now.)  A fiendish race of black skinned, white haired elves, whom worship the evil goddess Lolth.  Another dire race from below are the Duergar or Gray Dwarfs, reknown for their cruelty and wickedness.

The Black Forest:  The largest known forest in the west, is a dark and brooding place.  Full of dire beasts and eldritch creatures.  Herds of vile beastmen roam here.

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