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Friday, February 1, 2013

WWII: Considering a start on Weird War...

I've always been intrigued by alternate history and historical fiction.  I once ran a GURPS WWW2 game that was a lot of fun.  So I started thinking about what kind of WW2 could one fight if there had been no "bad guys" per se, but simply different factions battling things out.  Maybe this could have arose from the "1915 Ceasefire" or some other mechanism.  I don't know just yet but the thoughts are there.  Really I shouldn't do this as I have too many campaigns and interests, BUT one great advantage of being a Brigadier, FUBAR and a COMBAT: WW2 gamer are the small army lists.  I don't have to have hundreds of figures to play a game.  More to come.


skippy00001 said...

Skippy here from TMP.
How radical would you go to factionalise WWWII? Obviously, de-Nazifyinga and de-Stalinising would have to start in the early thirties at least. China would have to 'bribe' Imperial Japan with a massive Manchurian oilfield, italy must have a way to frack the Libyan oilfields and Europe will need a breakthru in synthetic fuel along with industrial expansion. So primarily it would be over resources and landgrabbing to sustain the changes. Spain should be Republican, that way Russia has a reason to have a Med strategy(The Med Is Red), Franco could've been shot down by the Flying Steppe Tigers. Now you got me going.

skippy00001 said...


wargamer1972 said...

I don't know that one would have to de-Nazify at all, simply continue on the Imperial line. Could do same in Russia or have Stalin took out early as you say.

Maybe WWW2 is simply a continuation of WW1 after two decades of advancements and build up.

I like your "The Med is Red" stratagem.