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Thursday, December 13, 2012

VSF: Texas Business Tycoon Kidnapped by Boxers!

Word has come from the British embassy in Austin that Texas millionaire R. George Burt, of Galveston was kidnapped today and his shipping warehouse in Hong Kong burned by Chinese nationalists known as Boxers.  The boxers have not demanded any ransom and it is unclear if Mr. Burt is still alive.  The Air Ship, RTAS Auston has been been dispatched with a squad of troops led by Lt. Don K Gobel from the 1st New Braunfels Rifles to investigate and attempt a rescue if possible and if not then to exact revenge and quickly leave.  The situation in China is becoming quite unstable with attacks by Boxers on missionaries and anything else that is foreign.  This is threatening merchant trade and it seems the British, the United States and Confederate States, along with Imperial Russians and Mexicans are sending war assets to the area to protect their citizens and interests.  Fortunately for Texas our presence in China was limited to Mr. Burt and his silk operations.

More news to follow as Lt. Gobel and his troops should arrive in Hong Kong by air within the week.

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