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Monday, December 24, 2012

Orders Arrive at the Munchhausen Garrison

To Colonel Franz Kliest, 

Franz muster your brigade and ready your soldiers for deployment into the territory of the Free State of Bittburg.  Proceed from Munchhausen Garrison in 3 days, moving southwest.  Your brigade has been assigned to capture the towns of Goetz, Lentz, and Freihauble.  Upon completion of your operations you will setup camp in Freihauble and await my further orders.  I expect regular updates for each stage of your operation.  Forage what you can from the land and towns.  This will probably be a long and bloody campaign.  We do not expect to receive a friendly welcome from most of the southern folk so beware and use discernment when dealing with the populace.  I expect completion of your operations in 10 days.  I have already dispatched Captain Werner Brach with two companies of Guards to your brigade under your command.  They should arrive by mid-day tomorrow.

Romulus Paul von Vorbeck
Brigadier General
Royal Army

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