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Thursday, October 25, 2012

First Campaign Character: Wulfgar Godwonson

Using my campaign mechanics I've rolled up my first character for the campaign.  His name is Wulfgar Godwonson, more on the name later.  I rolled a 6 and he is the son of a King, which gives him an extra 5 gold and an extra 50 points in the warband builder.  Rolling for his wealth I rolled a 3, for a total of 8 gold crowns to start.

Using the Warband Builder I have 300 points to spend on my starting retinue.  Here is what I have thus far.

Prince Wulfgar's Retinue
Prince Wulfgar Godwonson; Points: 100; Quality: 3; Combat 4; Spec Rules: Hero, Leader
Rothgar Thorson; Points: 36; Quality: 4; Combat: 3; Spec Rules:  Fearless, Savage, Steadfast
Hengst Vanhdal; Points: 36; Quality: 4; Combat: 3; Spec Rules:  Fearless, Savage, Steadfast
Ulric Wulfbane; Points: 42; Quality: 4; Combat: 3; Spec Rules: Fearless, Shooter: Long, Steadfast
Odric Snowson; Points: 42; Quality: 4; Combat: 3; Spec Rules: Fearless, Shooter: Long, Steadfast
Sigvald Thorson; Points: 41; Quality: 4; Combat: 3; Spec Rules: Acrobat, Fearless, Stealth, Traps

Prince Wulfgar was born in the Kingdom of Wolfthorn.  His father was Badenwulf Stormson one of Agnar Gudrun's, the Winter King, chief thanes and close friends, whom held his own hall among the Wolf Clans of Everwinter.  Wulfgar was yet unborn when his father died and his hall was granted to his brother Sigurn the Red.  Keeping a promise he made to Badenwulf while he lay dying on the battlefield, from wounds suffered while fighting the daemons of the night, the Winter King, took Wulfgar's mother into his own hall as one of his wives.  Thus when Wulfgar was born he was given the name Godwonson, as in he was the son of the king since Ulric the God of Winter and Wolves won him for the king, this refers to the oath sworn by the king to Badenwulf.  As an adopted son he would be raised as a prince in the king's halls but he would never inherit the throne.  Nor could he claim his father's hall since he was yet unborn when his father died.

One thing set Wulfgar apart from the rest of the court, something he shared directly with the Winter King, he was a true hybrid, born of the Wolf Clans but raised in the Dragon Clans.  Wulfgar knew the culture and politics of both clans and how to navigate them.  A pity the kingdom would not recognize his uniqueness.

Further since there was unlikely to be any campaign launched for new lands in the south, there would be no new halls created for Wulfgar to hold.  Wulfgar would have to choose life as either a member of the Winter Guard, an adventurer for hire in the south, or seek his own kingdom in the east.  Wulfgar and his closest friends set out for glory in the east.

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