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Friday, August 3, 2012

VSF: The Atlanteans

The first great civilizations of earth were the ancient Sumerians, the mysterious Hindi, the legendary Egyptians, the Greeks of fable, and the mythical Atlanteans.  These five civilizations ruled the world in the time of the dinosaurs.  Their kings sat upon golden thrones when angels and daemons (Aethernauts?) walked the earth.  The ancients knew as much about the cosmos as we do today, possibly even more.  We know that the Atlanteans fought the Athenians of ancient Greece.  The Egyptians recorded contact and trade with the Atlanteans as well.  However, all trace of that once mighty civilization vanished from earth eons ago.  Now, the famed Confederate archaeologist Dr. David Henry Jones discovered ancient scrolls while exploring ancient ruins deep in the Amazon jungles of South America.  Dr. Jones was able to translate the scrolls using the Mayan Stone (similar to the Rosetta stone) and found them to bear witness to the last days of the Atlanteans.

The scrolls revealed that Atlanteans kept and bred dinosaurs, even experimenting with creating a sentient dinosaur race, a race of lizardmen to serve them as slaves, they even trained dinosaurs for war.
Homer records that the Atlanteans were to be punished by the gods for their avarice.  Well, Dr. Jones found a scroll that was ironically similar to what Homer described.  Atlantean astronomers discovered a large asteroid heading for earth.  An asteroid that could possibly end all life on earth.  Their scientists and elders soon discovered that the asteroid would make landfall on their own island continent of Atlantis.  The Atlanteans began constructing the first aether ships, pictures of which can be found in Egyptian pyramids, in order to prepare their escape from earth.  One of their civilization was chosen to lead an expedition, but they were undecided on where.  As we mentioned we now know the ancients knew as much or more of the cosmos as we do, and they argued among themselves as to which planet they should escape to, Mars, or Venus.  It was pointed out that Mars already has four great civilizations, whose names translated to the Reds, the Blues, the Greens and the Whites.  Venus was a vast jungle planet, hot, steamy, volcanic and dangerous.  Little was known of it, and Atlantean Argonauts reported finding the planet overrun with deadly insects.  After a long and dangerous delay, the Atlanteans decided upon Venus and began sending their aether ships to colonize the planet.  They had to hurry, as their doom was fast approaching, now merely a year away.  Many of the Atlanteans fled the island by boat, choosing to stay on earth, they founded the early Irish civilization of the Tuatha Da Danan, the Mayans and Incans.  As predicted the asteroid hit earth, destroying Atlantis and bringing about the first great ice age, killing all the dinosaurs but it was not the extinction event the Atlanteans had feared but it did bring about a great dark age in which technology and learning was lost for centuries and the Atlanteans of earth faded into legend.

The Atlantean colonizers and Argonauts settled on Venus, but disease and famine killed many, whole villages were devoured by the great Venusian insects.  The Venusian environment was extremely harsh, of the original settlers, only a hundred survived, to reestablish their civilization and as on earth these new Venusians were left in a dark age with just the struggle for survival as the central event of their lives for several centuries.  We know this for some fled Venus for Earth and whatever doom they might face.  Speculation is running wild in academic and scientific circles on whether the Atlanteans on Venus survived at all and if they were able to rebuild their great civilization.

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