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Thursday, August 16, 2012

6mm Character Models

I plan on adding a small mini RPG sideline to my campaign.  Basically a pilot and his robot traversing the galaxies for adventure and profit.  My pilot below, whom I haven't named yet, is dressed in his orange pilot jump suit, gray helmet with built in flashlight and scanner.  The pilot is actually an old GW Epic 40K Imperial Guardsman.  His equipment is painted black.  His robot with a missing arm that the pilot replaced with a light laser welding tool and antenna fingers, is also a GW model, an Ork Dreadnought.  The robot is also equipped with 2 forward mounted spot-lights for deep space salvage and repairs as well as underground mining.  Haven't decided upon his name yet either or anything else for the RPG elements of this campaign.  Will post once I have more.

Edit:  8/18/12  I've selected names for my two characters above.  The space pilot is Tiberius Hex and his robot sidekick is formally known as an R12 Industrial Bot, but Hex calls him "Indy."

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