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"Truly it can be said of him, without count are his soldiers & beyond measure his might." - Prince Edward in reference to Lord Butler & his invasion force departing London for Mars.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Grand Kingdom of Westmark

The Grand Kingdom of Westmark could more aptly be titled an empire, since it is a confederation of eight petty kingdoms ruled by a single High King.  One hundred years ago the Eight Kingdoms were united by King Robert Baratheon, the other 7 kings still held power in their domains but swore fealty to Robert and had their titles changed to "Lord of" whichever of the Eight Kingdoms they ruled.  Those whom Robert trusted were sworn Wardens and allowed to maintain an army.  Westmark is ruled from the city of King's Landing on the coastal plain.  Robert tried in vain to add Everwinter as a vassal but he was soundly defeated by the Winter King's armies.

Friday, August 24, 2012

HOTT: Barbarian Hero

My son, a UA student, has had a Barbarian Army for Hordes of the Things for several years.  It has remained in it's storage box, unpainted on my army shelf since 2007.  We had a game with them a last week.  So I thought I would paint up his Hero for him.  Complete with magic spear.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

6mm RPG Spacecraft: The Century Sparrow

 I began design on a ship that I can use in my RPG.  I wanted something that would show the interior of the ship and what was going on there.  This might have to give way to something better as in more cooler.  But for now here it is the Century Sparrow on the shipwright's desk.

25mm British Coal-Fueled Walker

Here is the last VSF model I will do in 25mm as I am switching to 15mm.  I had this based up for years and decided I would go ahead and paint it although I'm done with the scale.  I have not finished it, the model still needs a coat of matte to subdue the shiny but my wife took the camera to her mothers this weekend so I had to grab this pic while I could.  I will post this walker, a steam tank and a large squad of British troops for sale next week.

Yes it's an old GW 40K IG Walker fitted out with a 25mm Ral-Partha British Artillery Crewman as the pilot.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Baccus 6mm Roman Cavalry

Painted up my first set of 6mm Baccus Roman Cavalry yesterday, and based them today.  I enjoyed painting the Baccus models, they have the most detail I've ever seen for 6mm ancient models.  Very good, I will buy more.

Abandoned Army: Tomb Kings for Fantasy Impetus

I have decided to abandon my Tomb Kings Fantasy Impetus Army, I gave up on Fantasy Impetus and returned to DBx but was unable to convert these stands over to HotT, as you can see from the picture below.  Now the 2 bone giants are based for HOTT on a 60mm frontage but the large bases are 120mm.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

HOTT Battle: Barbarians vs Undead

My son, James and I fought a Hordes of the Things battle yesterday.  It was much fun.  I commanded the victorious undead while James played his unpainted barbarians.  I told him he would lose playing with an unpainted army.  I played with 5 horde elements, 1 Hero (Gn), 1 Behemoth, 2 Knights, 1 Lurker and 3 shooters.  James had 6 warband (Gn), 2 Blades, 1 Hero and 1 Mage.  

The Undead Horde led by the Black Duke in his war chariot.  The bone giant was a quick fill-in, which is why his side is facing forward, (40mm edge) I am going to have to find one for my 15mm army.  

The lines draw near.  I let my behemoth get stuck in on the wrong side away from the barbarian warbands.   In the upper back you can see that my knights became bogged down in bad going while attempting to flank the warband group.  The barbarians quickly closed the gap trapping the knights in the stone circles and brought ruin upon them.

James sizing up what to do with his plethora of repeated 1 die result PiP rolls.  MWUHAHAHA.  Meantime the Black Duke maneuver his army in for the kill.
Tension mounts.  I was debating running my Behemoth around the volcano (impassable) and smoting the mage.  I changed that plan and it resulted in the loss of my behemoth to his blades.
My Lurkers ambush the Barbarian Hero, combat resulted in a draw.  Next bound  was another draw however  by the third bound the lurkers were fleeing.  However they held the Hero there long enough for my knights to move in close by and catch the Hero as he was trying to exit the standing stones and thusly did they smote his ruin upon them.

The Undead were defenders, behind them is their graveyard stronghold of Morthul Gul.

Skeletal Knights.  They took out the enemy Hero but were, ironically, themselves caught in the same bad going.

6mm Character Models

I plan on adding a small mini RPG sideline to my campaign.  Basically a pilot and his robot traversing the galaxies for adventure and profit.  My pilot below, whom I haven't named yet, is dressed in his orange pilot jump suit, gray helmet with built in flashlight and scanner.  The pilot is actually an old GW Epic 40K Imperial Guardsman.  His equipment is painted black.  His robot with a missing arm that the pilot replaced with a light laser welding tool and antenna fingers, is also a GW model, an Ork Dreadnought.  The robot is also equipped with 2 forward mounted spot-lights for deep space salvage and repairs as well as underground mining.  Haven't decided upon his name yet either or anything else for the RPG elements of this campaign.  Will post once I have more.

Edit:  8/18/12  I've selected names for my two characters above.  The space pilot is Tiberius Hex and his robot sidekick is formally known as an R12 Industrial Bot, but Hex calls him "Indy."

VSF The Republic of Texas: Newly Painted Elements

Finished painting and basing up 3 more elements for my Brigadier-VSF Republic of Texas Army, The Alamo Brigade.  My basing brush must have been too wet for the glue did not adhere in some small spots on the base but it's hard to tell without staring close.  Maybe I can patch them with grass later. 

The General's element along with 2 rifle elements.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Standing Stones Terrain

Standing stones for skirmish and mass battlefield terrain.  Shown with 25 and 15mm figures.  Note the arcane writing in the large stone.  The larger stone is cut from foam, the smaller ones are from a stonehenge gift set that I bought at Hastings, all of this sits on an old DVD.

The IX Legion Hispana on Parade

Click for larger image.

Click for larger image.

Four More Elements for the Celts

Four more warbands to fight to save Briton from the Romans.  Click on the picture for a larger image.

Roman Element for IRLP

Another foot element for my 6mm Imperial Roman Legion Project.

VSF Venus: Atlantean Crystalmancer

I present the artillery element for my VSF Venusian Army of Atlantis Nova.  Long ago the Atlanteans harnessed the power of crystals and this Crystalmancer commands a mighty blue arcane crystal to bring down doom upon any foe.  Also the Crystalmancer's fighting blade has it's own crystal molded in the hilt making him a powerful warrior.  The ancient alter that holds the blue crystal has vines and vegetation growing on and between the stones, but the powerful crystal sits atop unblemished.

The picture doesn't do the crystal justice.

Brigadier WW1 French Army Cavalry

The first element of cavalry for my Brigadier WW1 French Army.  I have one more element on the workbench and hope to have it posted soon.  

Saturday, August 4, 2012

More 6mm Romans

Latest additions to the legion.  2 elements of legionary and 1 of auxilla.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Venus: The Atlantean Army

I present the surviving Atlanteans.  An army for Brigadier Victorian Sci-Fi Battles.  Their number one enemy is their escaped lizardmen slaves, whom have populated large areas of the steamy jungle planet of Venus.  Atlantis Nova is the greatest city of Venus and stands stalwart against the lizardmen and the harsh environment of Venus.

I am thinking that these models will feature white clothing and tanned skin tones.  Their plumes will vary and the tips of their weapons will reflect the colors of the weapon crystals the Atlanteans have mastered.  Also am considering crafting a crystal artillery piece.  The individual based models behind the army are for FUBAR skirmish battles.

1 General
4 Spears
6 Shooters
2 Beasts

VSF: The Atlanteans

The first great civilizations of earth were the ancient Sumerians, the mysterious Hindi, the legendary Egyptians, the Greeks of fable, and the mythical Atlanteans.  These five civilizations ruled the world in the time of the dinosaurs.  Their kings sat upon golden thrones when angels and daemons (Aethernauts?) walked the earth.  The ancients knew as much about the cosmos as we do today, possibly even more.  We know that the Atlanteans fought the Athenians of ancient Greece.  The Egyptians recorded contact and trade with the Atlanteans as well.  However, all trace of that once mighty civilization vanished from earth eons ago.  Now, the famed Confederate archaeologist Dr. David Henry Jones discovered ancient scrolls while exploring ancient ruins deep in the Amazon jungles of South America.  Dr. Jones was able to translate the scrolls using the Mayan Stone (similar to the Rosetta stone) and found them to bear witness to the last days of the Atlanteans.

The scrolls revealed that Atlanteans kept and bred dinosaurs, even experimenting with creating a sentient dinosaur race, a race of lizardmen to serve them as slaves, they even trained dinosaurs for war.
Homer records that the Atlanteans were to be punished by the gods for their avarice.  Well, Dr. Jones found a scroll that was ironically similar to what Homer described.  Atlantean astronomers discovered a large asteroid heading for earth.  An asteroid that could possibly end all life on earth.  Their scientists and elders soon discovered that the asteroid would make landfall on their own island continent of Atlantis.  The Atlanteans began constructing the first aether ships, pictures of which can be found in Egyptian pyramids, in order to prepare their escape from earth.  One of their civilization was chosen to lead an expedition, but they were undecided on where.  As we mentioned we now know the ancients knew as much or more of the cosmos as we do, and they argued among themselves as to which planet they should escape to, Mars, or Venus.  It was pointed out that Mars already has four great civilizations, whose names translated to the Reds, the Blues, the Greens and the Whites.  Venus was a vast jungle planet, hot, steamy, volcanic and dangerous.  Little was known of it, and Atlantean Argonauts reported finding the planet overrun with deadly insects.  After a long and dangerous delay, the Atlanteans decided upon Venus and began sending their aether ships to colonize the planet.  They had to hurry, as their doom was fast approaching, now merely a year away.  Many of the Atlanteans fled the island by boat, choosing to stay on earth, they founded the early Irish civilization of the Tuatha Da Danan, the Mayans and Incans.  As predicted the asteroid hit earth, destroying Atlantis and bringing about the first great ice age, killing all the dinosaurs but it was not the extinction event the Atlanteans had feared but it did bring about a great dark age in which technology and learning was lost for centuries and the Atlanteans of earth faded into legend.

The Atlantean colonizers and Argonauts settled on Venus, but disease and famine killed many, whole villages were devoured by the great Venusian insects.  The Venusian environment was extremely harsh, of the original settlers, only a hundred survived, to reestablish their civilization and as on earth these new Venusians were left in a dark age with just the struggle for survival as the central event of their lives for several centuries.  We know this for some fled Venus for Earth and whatever doom they might face.  Speculation is running wild in academic and scientific circles on whether the Atlanteans on Venus survived at all and if they were able to rebuild their great civilization.