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"Truly it can be said of him, without count are his soldiers & beyond measure his might." - Prince Edward in reference to Lord Butler & his invasion force departing London for Mars.

Monday, July 30, 2012

More 6mm Imperial Romans

I acquired these models from a trade on TMP while I did not paint them I have no qualms about adding them to the muster of the IX Legio Hispana.  The miniatures are by Irregular Miniatures USA.  Nine more elements of infantry and 2 of cavalry.  Only 4,768 models to go.

15mm Gallic Celts of the Huack Tribe

The first eight warbands for the Gallic Celts army of the Huack tribe.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Behold.. The Mighty Army of Alexander, the Great

This was my first serious ancients army and am very proud of it.  I've done well with it too, losing only once and that was a nail-biter of a contest.  Anyway, I present Alexander the Great and his ARMY!

Celtic Army for My IRL Project

Here are the first elements of the Celtic Army that will face off against the IX Hispana Roman Legion.  I am considering numbering the Celts at ten thousand but enough for a simple wargame will suffice for now.  Presently the Celtic commander, King Seathrun, is in the vanguard with his hearthguard.  There are 2 elements of chariots, 2 of light horse, 4 of knights, 6 elements of warband and 4 elements of skirmishers.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Bittburg Cavalry

And the first cavalry squadron for BGen Brendel and the Army of Bittburg.  Most of these troops were mercenaries returning from abroad to serve the cause of freedom in their homeland.

New Prussian Heavy Tank: Neo-Panzer II

The Prussian Army today unveiled it's newest tank, manufactured at the Krupp Works in Koenigsberg.  The Neo-Panzer II is classed as a main battle tank and the first units rolling off the assembly line are being loaded on cargo aircraft for Africa.  This one pictured below is painted in what the PDF has labeled Mafeking Bush Camo.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Republic of Texas: The Alamo Brigade (1st Texas Brigade)

Below is a picture of my Brigadier army and FUBAR skirmish force thus far.  Have yet to paint up an OPFOR but I'm working on it.  I've decided to name these models The Alamo Brigade or the 1st Texas Brigade.  The Brigade is commanded by Brigadier General Juan Erasmo Seguin, with his headquarters at Camp Seguin which was named for his father, Juan Seguin, President of Texas from 1861 to 1869.

Republic of Texas: Texas Bushwhackers (1st Texas Light Infantry)

Austin, TX:  Camp Travis, Army General Headquarters.  Gen. John B. Hood seeing the need for a quick recon force coupled with the capability for hit and run tactics ordered the creation of the 1st Texas Light Infantry today.  Three battalions of three companies each will be raised with each company stationed throughout the republic.  The Light Infantry will take on the moniker of the Texas Bushwhackers due to their covert nature.  Each brigade will have it's own company assigned to it used at the discretion of the brigade commander.  The call went out for volunteers among the regular army, the Alamo Guard and local militias.  Pictured below are three units of Bushwhackers in training at Camp Bowie, in Brownswood.  The Light Infantry will be commanded by Lt. Col. Woodford H. Mabry.  Colonel Mabry has established his regimental headquarters at Camp Travis, with the three battalions induction barracks each at Camp Bowie, Camp Seguin and Camp Liendo in the Yucatan province.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

British Solar Empire: Lt. Butler's Detachment

Arriving in London, our hero Lt. Geoffrey Arthur Charles Butler reports to the Admiralty and is informed of his next assignment.  You have been selected to lead 14 British Tars to an exotic location....Venus, inform your men as you deem fit, only ensure no dissent.  Suffice it to say you will encounter dangerous natives, wild beasts and a deadly landscape.  Begin training your men immediately, for you will set sail soon to stake the Queen's claim in a great unexplored vastness.

These 15mm minis are based on U.S. pennies and will conduct their battles using the FUBAR-VSF rules.  I wanted to flock them with a neutral material that would be suitable for battles in a myriad of environments from Africa, India, and Mars to Venus and the Moon.

1 Officer, D12, Lt. Geoffrey Arthur Charles Butler
2 NCOs, D10, Sgt Hunt and Cpl Smith
12 Soldiers, D8

Republic of Texas: First 15mm Army Units

Finished up flocking the first batch of my Texas Army units.    My VSF 1880 to 1899 campaign encompasses 2 rule systems thus far.  Brigadier for mass battles and FUBAR-VSF for skirmish.

Brigadier: First up and first in the fight a bold Texas Ranger.

Brigadier: Next up a battery of the Victoria Light Artillery.

FUBAR: A squad of Texas soldiers from the 1st New Braunfels Rifles.  Led by Lt. Don Gobel.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Republic of Texas: Texas Soldier in New Uniform

At right, Private Sam Adams of the Victoria Light Artillery from Fort Goliad, and bottom right Private Ernesto Menjares of the 1st New Braunfels Rifles from Camp Seguin, both dressed in the new service uniform of the Army of the Republic.  Though modest in appearance these young soldiers will soon shape up through the courtesy of their sergeants and officers.

Upon enlistment in the Grand Army of the Republic a young man can expect to serve three years in either the artillery, cavalry, engineers, infantry or quartermaster/commissary corps.  After a year of service he can apply to join the Texas Rangers.  He is likely to be stationed in the west to defend against Indian and outlaw raids, although he could be sent anywhere from Amarillo to Cozumel. Also at some point in his career a soldier will spend time in a Bushwhacker unit.
Upon discharge he will be given a order of service showing his honorable service to the Republic and mustered out with $75 Texas Dollars in addition to any savings he had from his personal pay of $2TD per month.  During his time in the Army he will contribute $0.02TD per month to his regiments funeral fund to pay for his burial honors should he die during service.  He will also contribute $0.03TD per month to his regiments mess and brew fund to help pay for annual mess gatherings and celebrations, as well as keeping the regiment supplied with liquors, wine and beer.  A further $0.05TD per month is set aside for the regiments disability fund should he become disabled in the line of duty funds will be spent to train or educate the soldier for a new career in life fitting with their disability.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Republic of Texas: RTAS Auston

Finished up my first scratch built aeronef for my VSF campaign.  The Republic of Texas Aeronef Ship Auston.  Named for the great Texas Navy Captain Baden J Auston hero of the Battle of Cozumel during the War of the Mexican Succession.  

No gun at the moment.  The minis are unpainted RAFM US Infantry.  They will serve as the first soldiers of the Texas Army.  The Auston and crew will soon see action not only on Earth but the Moon, Mars and Venus.

The Auston was contructed from carboard, a failed Xmas ornament, bottle cap, plumbing copper piece, plastic artillery limber wheels and a straw.  With a screw and wood chip for a base.  I know it's not great but I am proud of my first scratch built vessel. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Republic of Texas: Texas Army Photograph

One of the first photographs to be taken of Texas soldiers in their new uniforms.  These troops are engaging in target practice at the huge Camp Sam Houston in East Texas.  These are soldiers of the 2nd Texas Infantry Regiment, commonly known as the 2nd Fredonia Rifles.  These soldiers pictured here are training for an upcoming deployment to the Yucatan province to garrison our Camps and Forts there against possible Imperial Mexican incursions.

Republic of Texas: Texas Army Uniform Template

The Minister of War the Honorable Arthur J Butler has ordered new uniforms for the Army, the Marines and the Rangers, with the Rangers being allowed to dye their new service hats white.  The uniforms are colored varying shades of light brown, or butternut, or again as our British allies say, khaki.  Below is the uniform template issued from Minister Butler's office.  This allows the soldier a more cooler breathable uniform and allows some concealment in the plains and desert of West Texas.

Republic of Texas: Rangers

"A large proportion ... were unmarried. A few of them drank intoxicating liquors. Still, it was a company of sober and brave men. They knew their duty and they did it. While in a town they made no braggadocio demonstration. They did not gallop through the streets, shoot, and yell. They had a specie of moral discipline which developed moral courage. They did right because it was right." -Captain John Ford, Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers were founded in 1823 by Stephen F Austin and formally constituted as a separate military force from the Army of the Republic in 1835.  President Sam Houston greatly increased the Rangers ranks in 1841.  From 1835 to 1846 the Rangers fought alongside the army against native Indian tribes that had sided with Mexico during the revolution.  These battles became known as the First Texas-Indian War.

In 1847 during the War of the Mexican Succession the Rangers gained a fearsome reputation among Mexicans, Americans, and their fellow Texans.  The war ended with the start of the American Civil War.  It brought about  the ascension of Maximilian I as Emperor of Mexico and secured the Yucatan as a strong province of the Republic of Texas. The Rangers played important roles in the war acting as scouts, conducting elite special missions and waging bloody guerrilla warfare.  After the war the Rangers, as well as the Army and Navy were reduced in size.  In 1857 the election of President Hardin Runnels, who platformed on a campaign of stopping the Indian raids, saw a dramatic increase in the military as he ordered the War Department to begin operations against native tribes thus beginning the Second Texas-Indian War.  
In 1873 newly elected President Richard Coke and the Texas Congress ordered the War Department to give the Rangers broad sweeping powers to kill, capture and apprehend notorious outlaws and banditos whom were operating in the vast reaches of the Republic.  The Rangers were ordered to maintain law and order by any means necessary.  This almost led to the genocide of the Apache, Comanche tribes as well as the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans and Texans.  However, law and order was established even in the most remote parts of the Republic.  This led to the Rangers being both an elite cadre of the military and the keepers of peace in remote regions.  

Today President John Ireland recognized the Rangers in a speech as a uniquely Texan fighting force and one that will always to play a strong role in the military matters of the Republic.  One grizzled Ranger Sergeant when asked about the unique white Ranger hat as making the Ranger a more visible target, replied "I am a Texas Ranger.  Let the enemies of Texas cower at my advance and tremble at the sight of me."

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Outer Space in my VSF Campaign

I've been reading a lot of Steampunk and VSF blogs lately preparing for the start of my campaign.  What I've decided on about space is that it is breathable based on the expert scientific studies shown at right from the group of French astronomers whom traveled there recently in a bullet shaped astronef shown mid right.  Today the first commercial trade vessel left London bound for the moon, see lower right.  With these facts in hand the governments of the world are in a tight arms race to build their astronef fleets.  France was the first to the moon, whom shall first reach Mars and Venus?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Texas Navy Airship in Dock

Here is the first photograh of the Texas Navy Airship still under construction in air dock in Galveston.  Once fitting out is complete the airship will be painted with the Texas Naval Colors and christened into active service.

Texas Navy Announces First Aether Ship

GALVESTON: The Texas Navy has finally acquired enough aether to begin building the first airship for the Republic.  The airship is still in design phase, below is a photograph of the naval shipwrights desk showing the blueprint design of the new vessel.  The Navy has yet to announce the name of the ship, nor the number of crew involved in it's operation.  Also we can only speculate as to the operational role the airship will have.

Dungeon Progress IV

Wanted to show the current state of the Black Dungeon while I have it out and setup for a quick dungeoncrawl today.  Still has some work to go.  I suppose that I will add a lot more to it over time.  Need another curved ending passageway.  Also want to add a prison and a sewer section.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Home-Cast Orc

I cast this orc last summer and painted it yesterday.  The matte spray did not kick in as well as I hoped but overall I am satisfied.  Home cast using Prince August Fantasy molds.  I think I will use him in my dungeoncrawls.

VSF Background

A quick summary of my first thoughts for my VSF campaign.  Now I'm not saying that I'm going to make armies or even warbands for that matter on each faction, but they will play a part in politics and intrigue.

Earth Factions
Texas (Loose alliance with the CSA and is currently at peace with the Empire of Mexico.)
USA (Loose alliance with Germany and Russia.  The USA is a rising power.)
CSA (Loose alliance with Texas but heavy dependence on allies of Britain and France.)
Britain (A world superpower.)
Japan (A rising world power.)
Germany (A world superpower.)
France (A world superpower.)
Russia (A rising world power.)
Austria-Hungary (A rising world power.)

Xeno Factions
Atlunis (Red Martians, founders of Earth's lost city of Atlantis.)
Hurundi (Green Martians, barbarians, enemies to all.)
Borundi (Blue Martians, nomads, neutral faction but will freely raid where they can get away with it.)
Pafar (Birdfolk Venusians.)
Jafar (Lizardfolk Venusians.)

Orders to London

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA:  Our hero, Lt. Geoffrey Arthur Charles Butler was gravely wounded during his last patrol, but thanks to modern medicine he has made a fast recovery at the Royal Army Hospital in Cape Town.  As our hero finishes packing there happens a knock on the door.  "Enter" the Lieutenant announces.  In steps an hospital orderly Corporal.  "Sir!  Urgent." the Corporal snaps as he presents our dashing officer with a telegram.  Lt. Geoff takes the telegram, thanks the Corporal and dismisses him.  Opening the telegram the Lieutenant finds.......


TO: Lieutenant Geoffrey Arthur Charles Butler

Report at once to the Admiralty in London.  This telegram will serve as both your orders and your pass aboard any Royal Navy ship leaving Cape Town for England.  Bring this telegram with you to the Admiralty.

Major Nigel Smith
Adjutant to the Commandant
Royal Marines

"Curious" was the first word to escape the Lieutenants lips.  Promptly our hero makes his way to the docks, finds a navy ship and begins his journey home.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

VSF Campaign: Map of North America circa 1889

First draft of North America for the start of my VSF campaign.  Adventures will circle the globe as well as taking place on the moon, Venus and Mars.

America:  U.S. Civil War begins in 1849 and ends in 1853 with a southern victory.  The southern states form the Confederate States of America.  The USA moves forward with expansion in the northwest.  The CSA fights a brief war with Spain for possession of Cuba.  The CSA is eyeing expansion in South America.

Texas:  Texas never joined the union.  The Yucatan joined Texas in 1836 fighting for independence from Mexico with both winning their freedom.  Five years later the Yucatan Republic joins the Republic of Texas.  In 1849 Texas purchased land due west of the republic from the Empire.

Mexico:  Santa Anna died with no heir.  Maximilian of Austria is offered the throne and accepts.  By 1890 Maximilian IV rules an Empire that stretches from the United States to Columbia.

Britain:  The British Empire takes Alaska during the Crimean War.  Grants Quebec semi-autonomy and rules an Empire known now as The British Solar Empire.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Afrika Brigade: SF Jackal

The first 3 units for the African adventures of my modern Prussian campaign.  Strike Force Jackal, which still needs flocking on the infantry bases, I am undecided on what I want on the base.  Unlike Strike Force Hawk which operates in Field Gray, SF Jackal has utilizes Afrikan Bush Kamo.  SF Jackal will be led by 1st Lt. Heinrich Pilz.  As with Prussian Army guidelines when a SF distinguishes itself in battle it grows, so if Lt. Pilz is a good commander he will be allotted more men and firepower to command just as Captain Falkenhuack of SF Hawk.