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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Orcish Steppes: The War of the Orcs, Part 2

Gritznak looked around for any signs of Zoule and his muscled up goblin bodyguard but none could be found. "Hrmph." Gritznak snorted. Before him on the Orcland plains the Spider Clan army rolled out in front of their camp, chanting, thrusting spears and riding giant poisonous spiders. Gritznaks own goblins began to shake and look about uneasy. Gritnak looked at them then at one of his Blood Orcs. The Blood Orc nodded and walked forward and hit some of the goblins to reassure them they had more to fear from Gritznak then the creepy spiders.

As Gritznak's small army advanced it was assailed with black arrows and goblin magic, some of the goblins were killed but the advance continued. Amazingly the Spider Clan did not advance preferring instead to try and wear down the invaders. Soon the Black Rock warriors were among them and despite their dreadful spiders the Black Rock Orcs were victorious as the Spider Clan ran from their own ruin.

Below is the new map of the Orclands showing Gritznak's ever enlarging kingdom. There are only 3 known Orc Kings and now Gritznak's realm is as large as any.

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