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Sunday, March 4, 2012

TAU-RA Taruk Rider

Last night I painted and then dipped the first mini for my upcoming Tau-Ra FUBAR Force. A Taruk Rider. Added the base and flocking today. He wears white carapace armor and carries a Gauss Lance weapon. The Taruk Riders are brave and tough opponents upon their mighty Taruk. The Gauss Lance is essentially an anti-tank weapon, it can cut a whole through most armor. It would vaporize a single soldier. The Riders charge into battle with the primary goal of taking out enemy vehicles but can lend firepower support to Tau-Ra infantry squads.

In my particular mod of FUBAR (Bush War FUBAR) I think I'll start the Taruk Riders out as a 8" movement rate, d10 experience level unit, light cannon firepower with gauss (which reduces target armor save by 1 or 2) with +2 Carapace Armor for the rider.

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