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Friday, March 23, 2012

Orcish Steppes: The War of the Orcs, Part 1

The Goblin Shaman Zoule, the power behind the petty throne of Gritznak, Chief of the Black Rock Clan smiled as he pointed towards the south, towards his home camp. The Goblin Camp of Broken Tooth. Gritznak led his small warband of his clansmen to the outskirts of the camp. Goblin sentries spotted the approaching Orcs and ran to warn their chieftan. Gritznak led his warband down to within bow shot of the goblins, to show his contempt as the Goblin Chief Yorst assembled his warriors. Quickly the goblins assmebled around their chief, some trembling, some wetting what rags they wore. Zoule eyed Yorst from behind Gritznak and called out to him saying, "Yorst! Chief of Broken Tooth, you have been found weak and timid before the Savage Gods. Your clan has been given to Gritznak the Bold, Gritznak the Chief of Black Rock, Gritznak the Warlord of the Savage Gods!" Yorst's reply was simple, "Archerssss, tarsuk." And his goblins let loose their black arrows.

The goblins arrows sped their way towards Gritznak's warband but Gritznak had not been idle in training his warriors. At his command they raised their shields and did safely weather the storm of black arrows. However Gritznak suffered an magical attack from Yorst, a minor shaman, for Yorst did poison Gritznak. Zoule quickly responded to this and expelled some of his own energy to withdraw the deadly venom from Gritznak.

Gritznak marched his orcs forward with his 2 archers shooting and Zoule casting spells. The Goblins did loose their arrows and Yorst cast his poison spell again only to be foiled once more by Zoule.

Then within striking distance something happened to Yorst, while his archers unleashed their death and did indeed slay an Orc, and whilst his warriors prepared to fight, Yorst fell dead. His mind having exploded within his skull while attempting yet another poison spell. With their chieftan dead and in great fear of being eaten, the goblins fled back to their camp. Zoule entered the camp with his goblin bodyguard Bulor, and soothed them to make Gritznak their Chief and new King!

Above is the map of the Orclands east of the Gray Mountains. Gritznaks holdings which now include Black Rock and Broken Tooth are shown in light brown, Other greenskin camps are shown around the newly founded Orc Kingdom of Black Rock. Gritznaks power is growing and with the disunity amongst the greenskins it might grow to the peril of the west, verily to the peril of Aeyr. This was another test battle for Myth.

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