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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mythic Storm Rising Part 2

With Gritznak secure as Chief of the Black Rock Clan, Zoule began to work out his next step in the task set before him by the twin Savage Gods. As Zoule meditated in a dark cave on the hillside above the camp a vision came to him of surging power. Zoule felt his veins enlarge and his muscles tense, his head was thrown back and his eyes bulged, while his throat began to hummm and burn. Soon Zoule began to levitate above the small fire in his cave, and he sensed he had changed. He was levitating by the force of his own will. He ordered rocks to assemble beneath him and they did. Moss to grow on the rocks to cushion his descent and it did. Slowly and with dark joy, Zoule came down to light upon the makeshift seat. He could feel power pulsing from his eyes, his hands and feet burned with it. His small staff leaning on the wall next to him came rushing towards his outstretched hand. Zoule had become a great sorcerer. Zoule arose from his cave and descended upon the Orc Camp in dark splendor. All the orcs but Gritznak either bowed, knelt, trembled or ran away before him. Zoule approached Gritznak, and just for a moment sensed a small tinge of fear behind Gritznaks red eyes. Then Zoule bade him to come inside the Chief's great hut and discuss the next step in their jihad against the world.

Zoule is now a level 3 mage in the Mythic Storm Fantasy Skirmish Game.

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