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Thursday, March 1, 2012

HOTE Battle: Mafeking Zulus vs. 7th Foot, British Army

Traveled down to Fort Smith today to visit my son James and his bride to be Jessica. We met up for lunch and then headed over to Hawgshead Comics on Greenwood Ave for some Magic CCG games and Hordes of the Empires. Now, I apologize, but I forgot the battlefield and the rules so we had to make due from memory and this was our first go of HOTE all together.

The British Deployment

We each played with 24 points. The British Baggage Camp came from my Duchy of Saxe-Huack SYW Army, but HEY, at least were wargaming and having fun. :)

The Zulu Deployment

The first couple of turns saw the armies advance on the Mafeking plains. Sunlight glitterd off spear points and the air was pierced with the shouting of orders and marching of boots.
In the picture above James sent his Cavalry (Kn) around the hill to attack my left flank in the rear.

Above the Skirmishers followed by the Chief and 2 Warbands advance upon the woods towards the Gatling Gun. I pulled 1 Warband off to stall the Cavalry "coming round the mountain." The action on the right flank is all close order marching to battle.

James knocks out my Skirmishers but this allowed my Warband to close!

The right flank: The British enjoyed volley fire at my Zulus whom sang and danced to intimidate the enemy (low PIPs) before joining in melee.

As the above picture shows I was able to sneak a single Warband into the Baggage Camp but blast the dice the Camp Defenders won!

But next turn it was over (we played this way due to time restraints) the British General took a spear and now has a maggot hole in his belly.

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