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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Election Year, New Rules for Ministers and More Police

National elections are being held today for the National Assembly of Prussia. Changes to the Assembly Law were introduced late last year to change the representation ratio from 1 minister for every 1000 citizens to 1 minister for 73 polling districts. Now while the new law uses the term people vice citizen, only citizens can vote and hold public office. There are 114,873 registered citizens out of a population of 360,000. This years election will reduce the seats in the National Assembly bringing the total down to 73. Chancellor Hekel may not stand for re-election to the Chancellery this year by law so he is running for a ministers seat in the Assembly from his hometown of Freidland. He may seek the Chancellery again in 2 years. Currently there are 3000 citizens running for office.

Another law passed in the last Assembly Session was the Currency Act of 2011, which renamed the Prussian Thaler to the Prussian Mark. 1PM = 1 Euro. Military expenditures increased by 80 million marks. The Republic expanded the Black Eagle Vodka label to include several new product lines including beer and wine. Alcohol and tobacco taxes were raised and the Commerce Transaction Fees put in place. The Republic Police Force was increased to 3500 members with 3 Command Centers. New recruits for the RPF are shown below in full dress uniform outside the Koenigsberg Republic Police Academy.

Once again Republic Service is open to all whom apply. Something will be found for you. Whether testing medical products, delivering mail, driving a truck or taking a bullet in Karakistan, there is a job for you in the Republic. Apply at your local Republic Service Center. You will be given medical & psychological examinations, undergo various testing procedures and given a standard 8 day indoctrination program and from there be sent to begin training in your new career. Remember, citizenship is awarded for 5 years of honorable service.

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