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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Afrika Brigade

Major General Paul von Lettow ordered the formation of the Afrika Brigade today at Fort Frederick the Great in Koenigsberg. The Afrika Brigade is the fourth combat brigade to be raised by Prussia since independence. The Afrika Brigade is a "half brigade" meaning that it only has half the assets and manpower of a normal Prussian Army combat brigade.

Colonel Johann DeBeers has been appointed it's first commander. Some speculate that his appointment is due to being born in South Africa. Colonel DeBeers is currently serving in Karakistan as commander of the 5th Army Regiment. He is expected to report to the General Staff by the end of the week. Once in Koenigsberg the Colonel will be kept very busy organizing his new command and ensuring the delivery of the 2 captured cargo trucks full of small arms from Karakistan to our allies in southwest Africa.

At his change of command ceremony in southern Karakistan all of Colonel DeBeers officers and men wished him well with most volunteering to follow him to Africa. It's easy to see that he is well respected and loved by his soldiers.

The Afrika Brigade will intially be made up of assets from both the 1st and 2nd Combat Brigades which will replace their losses over time with the help of military recruiters stationed at all Republic Service Centers throughout Prussia.

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Doug said...

I am glad to see that on the order 'all men who don't wish to go to Africa, step backwards' (in Swahili) the good Colonel got the unanimous support of his men.