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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Black Bear Down

A Prussian HLA-1 from the 3rd Combat Brigade was sent to scout out and find the downed Russian helicopter. At about mid-morning it came upon the scene of the wreckage with the rebel groups that shot down the Russian helicopter still around. Fortunately, Strike Force Hawk was the closest friendly unit in the area and once again Captain Erik Falkenhuack and his soldiers are called upon to do their duty for Prussia .

Initial Deployment. I played the game with the PDF as Veterans, the 2 Rebel Cells as Seasoned and the 5 Rebel Groups as Green. Each Rebel Group was able to take 1 suppression but 2 wounds would scatter them.

Turn 1
Hearing the blades of the advancing Prussian helicopter the rebels at the crash site begin to stir, with some seeking cover in the forest while others continued to loot the downed chopper. Only Rebel Cell 1(single troops on green bases) in the left woods musters the courage to open up at the HLA-1 with an RPG rocket, luckily it streaks harmlessly by.

In response the HLA-1 advances to the edge of the forest and lets loose it's 30mm canon at RC1 but luck was also with RC1 as they quickly fled for cover. Captain Falkenhuack advances his Strike Force upon the scene as the APCs and his tank start firing their LMGs at the enemy causing some casualties.

Turn 2
APC1 advances and pins down one of the rag-tag rebel groups. Captain Falkenhuack's tank charges into the fray and rains lead upon another knot of rebels while APC2 uses sustained fire to pin down Rebel Cell 2, (green bases on right.) Meanwhile all the rebel forces manage to do is shoot erratically at the Prussians.

Turn 3
Rebels must some courage and win iniative. RC1 activates and fires their RPG at the HLA causing some damage and shaking the crew. Many of the rebels make for the safety of the forest, while RC2 fires their RPG at APC2 shaking it's crew.
The HLA activates despite the last hit and suppresses RC1 with a hit. APC1 unloads it's fireteam and fires their LMG at another rebel group causing several casualties with the rest fleeing the battlefield. However another rebel group manages to overcome their fear and fires a devastating shot at Capt. Falkenhuack's light tank causing heavy damage, enough to immobilize the vehicle. With the villains that hit his tank directly to his front Capt. Falkenhuack opens up with his LMG killing several and suppressing the rest. Other rebel troops fire at Fireteam 1 but miss as the Fireteam used the APC for cover.

Turn 4
Rebels win initiative again with RC1 shooting down the HLA. RC2 shoots their RPG at the damaged tank hitting it again, things are looking badly for Capt. Falkenhuack, if he is still alive. Another mass of rebels fires an RPG and destroys the badly damaged Prussian tank, while still more rebel troops rush up to reinforce the better trained Rebel Cells. One particularly brave bunch charged Fireteam 1 but was cut down in a bloody mess. Fireteam 1 still weary from being charged goes On Guard. APC1 fires at RC1 killing another while the crew of APC2 is still shaken.

Turn 5
The Strike Force wins initiative with APC1 causing more casualties to RC1 before Fireteam 1 charges into them for hand to hand combat. Both sides suffer casualties. APC2 gets things together and advances firing their LMG at the dirty rebels. On the rebels turn, RC1 loses it's combat contest with Fireteam 1. Rebel Cell 2 activates and destroys the LMG on APC2, while another rebel shoots an RPG as well but it's rocket crumbles on impact.

Last 2 Turns
The last two game turns see's the PDF Strike Force continue it's mop up of the rebel scum. Now giving credit where credit is due, the rebels fought bravely and strong today. As a result I will have to reinforce them with some type of new equipment. In the picture below you can see where the Prussian Ambulance arrives to tend to both Prussian and Russian wounded while the APCs and Fireteams secure the area. All of the Strike Force soldiers are worried for their commander.

I have decided that since my wife is a nurse I will let her roll the dice to see if Captain Erik Falkenhuack survived the action. I'll post his status upon her return from work.

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