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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Additions to Strike Force Hawk & Basic Army Structure

5th Army Regiment Commander Lieutenant Colonel Sepp Modell (soon to be Colonel) has decided to add to the war-fighting capability of Strike Force Hawk by adding a Heavy Weapons Team. The Colonel has also requested new APC units for each Strike Force in the regiment. The 5-man Strike Force Fireteam is the basic fighting unit of the Prussian Army. Delivered to the warzone by mechanized APC, Aircraft or on foot.

The organization of the Prussian Army is that of mobility. Speed was the most important aspect of the Prussian Army's victory against Poland. Had Poland been allowed to bring the full brunt of it's military capability, then it would have been a different outcome, unless Russia had came to our aid. Therefore each Combat Brigade and Army Regiment are built for speed, lightening warfare.

Each Regiment is comprised of three battalions of Strike Force Infantry, an Air Attack Squadron, Special Weapons Section and an Artillery Battery. Special Ops teams are allocated directly to the General Staff but can be temporarily assigned at the Brigade level.

Each battalion is comprised of four Strike Force units. The lead Strike Force of each battalion has 3 Fireteams, 1 Heavy Weapon Team, 1 Light or Medium Combat Tank and/or a Light Attack Gunship. Each of the remaining SF units have 2 to 3 Fireteams each, with support from a Light or Medium Tank. Similarly the lead battalion of each regiment has an additional 2 SF units, and/or other war fighting platforms.

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