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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Muster of Saxe-Huack

The 15mm Army of Saxe-Huack. Note the baggage camp behind the command element, it has 2 baggage horses, 1 soldier with a feed bucket, another standing guard. The command element has 4 soldiers, the General on white horse with purple coat, an officer on his left, with a drummer and standard bearer behind them. Two elements of cavalry are on the workbench to be painted with red coats, after that the army will be complete and battle ready. I am considering adding another 4 elements of line infantry but with a different paint scheme, but before I do that I must finish painting the Bittburg army.

click for larger image.

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Archduke Piccolo said...

Looking at this organisation puts me more in mind of an Army Corps - a force of all arms. To be sure, not exactly a Napoleonic Corps d'Armee, but capable for all that of independent action. Perhaps 'Legion' might nor be an inappropriate nomenclature for the formation I see here?

Speaking of which: about a year ago I acquired at a bring-and-buy a number of lead 7YW figures, painted up as Russians. Small units of 12 Infantry... Not yet sure what to do with these fellows. Just couldn't resist buying them. I'll post something about them shortly on my blogspot.