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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Duke's Instructions 1765

The Royal General Staff has issued new instructions for the operation and conduct of the Royal Army. All officers shall keep the instructions upon their person and shall ensure compliance at once.

I have decided to return to my roots in wargaming and go back to DBx systems for all my wargaming activities. Simple, smaller armies on smaller tables but has the greatest feel of commanding an army that I've found in my 10 years of wargaming. I will be playing Horse, Foot, Guns by Phil Barker of WRG. I will play with a modified version to fit my campaign.

I have almost completed my transition to 15mm with the Royal Army of Saxe-Huack. Have decided to add peasant hordes to the Army of the Union of Bittburg so that they too might bear arms in their revolutionary struggle. I have been contemplating doing away with Ostenburg, having it absorbed into Prussia but have yet to decide it's fate.


abdul666 said...

Looking eagerly forward to enjoy the practical application of the Duke's Instructions!

Capt Bill said...

Bravo! We have come to the same conclusions, smaller armies more battles...

Fitz-Badger said...

There's something to be said for small armies, small tables, and quick fun games. Not that large battalions, huge tables and epic games don't have their charms, too, but I long ago figured out it didn't fit my approach to gaming.
I've been looking at posts like reports on HoTT (Hordes of the Things) games, "Portable Wargame", and such, and thinking those are more my style. I enjoy painting miniatures, but I'm not quick, don't enjoy painting mass quantities of the same figure/uniform, and don't have a lot of space anyway.
I'll be interested to see how you get on. Hopefully you will have some battle reports soonish?

justMike said...

For what it's worth, the battles fought between Ardoberg-Holstein and St. Maurice are accomplished with a home-grown set of rules developed on the DBx model. In our case, we wanted to keep the "big battalion" look of the game but create a problem solving game that presents the kind of headaches a general would encounter in battle. DBx does that very nicely,... albeit with some changes on our part. Good luck and we look forward to reading of your conquests. - Mike