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Thursday, September 9, 2010


LONDON: With the surprising victory of the Prussian military over the NATO equipped and trained forces of Poland followed by vieled threats from senior Prussian officers towards neighboring Lithuania can we conclude that we have now witnessed the return of Prussian militarism? For all intents and purposes Prussia is ruled by a military junta, their promise of "service guarantees citizenship" only guarantees that the military rules the state.
Thousands of Germans are lining up for passports and filing for visas to travel to Prussia.

Today we learned the news of the establishment of the Kriegsakademie in Koenigsberg and the news from the National Assembly that German is now the third official language behind Old Prussian, an extinct language with few surviving documents which is taught in Prussian schools and lessons offered free to all at Republic Service Centers throughout the state and Russian, although it appears that the more Prussia distances itself from Moscow the greater likelyhood that Russian will disappear.

Can Europe and the world standby and watch as a military dictatorship grows in power in the Baltic?

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