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Monday, September 6, 2010

New Map of the Baltic Republic of Prussia

Following the peace treaty ending the Polish-Prussian War the vote carried out under EU auditors showed that the people living in the disputed lands claimed by both Prussia and Poland voted for annexation with Prussia, but at a smaller margin than in the first vote in 2009. Annexation was passed with 52% of the vote. Though bloodied and embarrassed the government in Warsaw confirmed the results and offered assistance to any whom desired to leave.

The map shows the current state of Prussia after the signing of the Treaty of Gdansk.

In other news all 72,817 civilian members of the Prussian Defense Force were granted their Citizenship status as a reward for their service to the Republic. This number included many from Germany, Poland, Russia and the United States whom enlisted as foreign volunteers. In normal times this would have required a further 4 years of honorable service prior to award.
The new population of Prussia now stands at 1,027,733. The PDF, all to aware that this war was won in convention vice the battlefield, is expanding to meet the new defense needs of the Repubic.

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