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Saturday, April 10, 2010

2010 Polish-Prussian War Update

One minute prior to the midnight launch of the Polish invasion, PDF forces launched a scud missile attack upon the main Polish encampment spearheading their invasion force. Sources say that Major General Wolodizt, the invasion commander was killed in this attack along with a most of his HQ.

The Polish air attack proceeded on schedule unawares of the death of the commanding general, and targeted the decoy radar sites that the PDF had thrown up in preparation for the invasion. After the decoy sites were destroyed, PDF missile crews went hot with their radar and shot down the attacking aircraft. This was immediately followed by the Polish helo attacks on ground targets which had some success. The PDF quickly gained air superiority through the use of SAM sites and troop launched AA missiles.

In conjuction with the helo assault the Polish C130s carrying their Spec Ops teams entered Prussian air space expecting the Polish Air Force to control the skies. The C130s were met by PDF Migs and were destroyed.

Intense bombardment of the main Polish invasion force as it crossed the border from artillery and tanks along with a limited amount of cruise missile attacks was enough to stop and then repel the Polish invaders.

The small Polish marine force was stopped in the waters near the shores of Koenigsberg.

(I read about the plane crash this morning that killed the President of Poland and many others. God bless their familys and the nation of Poland and may the souls of those whom perished, rest in peace.)

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commissarmoody said...

Shame those c-130s chould have been forced to the ground. Free rugged transport plans and Polish Wojska Specjalne to parade in front of the camera.